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Corrie, Edie, and Dawn are new students at the only institution in the United States that teaches magic: Chatoyant College. They're looking forward to learning how to cast spells, curse their enemies, write essays, and speak foreign languages.

But not everything is what it seems, and even less is what they expected. Dawn has memories no one else shares. Corrie finds things she thought she understood spiraling out of her grasp. Edie doesn't even believe in magic when they arrive, but the line between fantasy and reality quickly blurs.

They find themselves turning to fiction to answer the questions their professors won't. Creatures out of folklore and legend lurk behind friendly facades as well as within forbidden places.

The girls have a lot to learn. College leads you farther from home than geography can account for, and there's no turning back now...

Chatoyant College is fantasy weblit, an online serial novel about college life, updated with a new chapter every Monday and Thursday. Come take a look!

Click here (or on the "story" link above) to see the books and bonus stories, or go here to start reading the first chapter right away. If you're already a reader, you can see all chapters and blog posts newest first, or click on the RSS link above to get updates in the feed reader of your choice! You can also click "track" in the top menu or "Recent posts" in the sidebar to see chapters, blog posts and forum posts sorted by most recent update or comment; logged in users can see which posts and comments are unread.

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