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Chatoyant College

mjkj's points story: The Clothes

Lal held up a white ruffled blouse and long black skirt with a big smile. Derwen stared at the ensemble for a moment, then looked back up at Lal. "You're kidding, right?"

Lal shook her head. "I wish I was." She pushed the clothes toward Derwen, who took them reluctantly. Even the fabric felt unpleasant. It was too smooth, too perfect. "This is what all the girls will be wearing," Lal continued. "In fact, I'll be wearing the same thing... only tailored differently, to fit me, of course."

Ladyinahat's Riddling Contest Story:

Paul carried his tray of lunch to the table he always shared with his friends and sat down. Eddie turned to him with an excited grin. "Paul! Want to hear about my latest ideas for modifying the source code on the kernel?"

mjkj's points story: What Lies Ahead

Roe was packing for college when the vision came. She'd just rolled up her last pair of socks, and then the suitcase, and her entire room, disappeared. It was replaced by a dark night seen through the windshield of a car. She was viewing it from the passenger seat; she couldn't tell who was driving. But it was an unfamiliar stretch of road, and something told her that it was part of the route they would take to school. Where else could it be?

Catalyst's points story: Protection

Corrie and Liz hurried to the girl's bathroom, avoiding the glare of the principal. The noise of the students leaving school was mercifully softened when the door swung shut. "Here," said Liz, digging through her backpack. "I've got some foundation in here. It won't be perfect, but it should hide that eye."

mjkj's points story: Evaline

Evaline Pierce had long blonde hair. It was curly, but unlike Edith's unruly, unflattering curls, Evaline's fell softly down her back and stayed in whatever style she put it in. Evaline was tall, but not too much taller than Edith. Evaline bragged that she had the same proportions as a model, and Edith believed it, looking at the way her body narrowed at the waist. Evaline had been a late bloomer but had blossomed into perfection in the last few years; Edith had to be careful not to get caught staring at Evaline's breasts.

Chapter 59: Friendship

They waited in the hallway of Troy's dorm while he changed; he'd offered to let them in if they would all close their eyes and didn't mind fitting into a three-foot space, but Edie was pretty sure that was a joke. Troy's hair was a mess when he came out--he must have rubbed it with a towel--but at least now no one would give them strange looks for having a half-soaked guy in their midst. Edie would be surprised if they didn't get strange looks anyway, but she was used to that.

Chapter 58: Skin

On the way back, Troy rode in Rico's car--it was Rico's idea, since Troy had forgotten to bring a towel and Rico cared much less than Corrie about the state of his upholstery. So they didn't get to talk to Troy on the ride back to school, but all the girls were in one car, and Edie liked that, even if they did tease her about Leila and make her blush. She retaliated by teasing Dawn about Rico and Corrie about Byron, which, to her pleasure, Roe and Annie both joined in on.

Chapter 57: Swimming

Edie watched as Troy held his left hand over his cupped right hand, which held some of the water from the pond (or lake, or whatever it was). He muttered something under his breath--she couldn't hear what it was, but it didn't sound like English, and part of it sounded a little bit like radio static. For a moment nothing happened, then the water glowed very faintly whitish. Troy dropped his hands, shook the water off, and smiled. "Well, it's not quite Lake Michigan," he said, "but it will do. In fact, it's a little more perfect than I was expecting.

Chapter 56: The Park

Saturday, September 27

The day dawned bright and clear. Or Edie assumed it must have, since it was bright, clear, and relatively warm when she woke up, several hours past dawn. But she'd slept well, and she woke up alert, and they had an interesting day ahead of them. Today Dawn had promised to show them where the park was that had the pond or lake she'd seen.

She showered, dressed, and went to breakfast with Corrie and Dawn. As they were heading back to Gilkey, someone called, "Corrie! Edie!"

Chapter 55: Back to Class

Tuesday, September 23

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