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Chatoyant College

Chapter 6: Prove It

Charlie didn’t react to that, except to draw his brows together a little in polite confusion. “You don’t know who your father is?”

Corrie shook her head. “No, but I think you do.”

There was silence for a moment. Dawn considered saying something, but this was really between Corrie and Charlie. She was just there for support. She would only speak if it became really necessary.

Finally Corrie said, “Do you or do you not have communication with a man off-campus?”

Chapter 5: Charlie

When Roe had gone, Corrie turned to Dawn. “Do you have anything to do right now?”

Dawn shook her head. “I have another class later, but I don’t have anything in particular to do until then. Why?”

Corrie looked down at her hands, one of which was picking an imaginary piece of fuzz off her T-shirt. “Would you come with me to talk to Charlie?”

Chapter 4: Love is Blind

Magic class was just as stimulating as it always was. It was impossible to fall asleep in this class, as Corrie had discovered on Monday; Professor Lal always noticed, and woke you up with pointed questions. Not that Dawn ever tried to fall asleep in class. Even if she had been that tired, the sight of Professor Lal’s true face, with its terrifying mouthful of sharp teeth, was enough to keep her alert.

That reminded her… she ought to give her aunt a call.

Chapter 3: A Perfect Score

Edie was sitting in the classroom, checking her French homework for mistakes, for five minutes before anyone else even showed up. She hadn’t thought she was quite that early, but the clocks in the classrooms didn’t seem to be consistent with each other or with the ones elsewhere in the buildings. She suspected students of sabotage and teachers of counter-sabotage.

Zip plopped down in the seat next to Edie, breathing hard. Edie looked at her in surprise. “Were you running? You’re not late or anything.”

Chapter 2: A Favor

Corrie, Dawn, and Roe had to hurry to finish their breakfasts so they wouldn’t be late for class. Edie ate a little more sedately, feeling a bit lonely when they all had to leave and she was still sitting there. Maybe someone would join her? She looked around the room, but didn’t see anyone she knew. Eventually, she finished her hot chocolate and eggs, shushed her quietly-grumbling stomach, and deposited her dishes.

Chapter 1: Waking Slowly

Wednesday, October 8

Edie seemed to wake slowly from a heavy sleep. She blinked hard at the sunlight coming in her window and slapped at her alarm. The alarm stopped, but the sunlight didn’t go away. She sat up and yawned hugely. The sleep still hung over her. She’d had a dream… hadn’t she? She reached for it, but it was gone.

Well, it would be time to get some breakfast soon. Yawning some more, she picked out clothes and dragged them on. Her limbs were heavy. Maybe some food would wake her up. She needed to be awake before it was time for French class, certainly.

Prologue: The Trees

She knelt down beside the tree, sowing handfuls of compost into its soil. In her heart, she knew it would not be enough. Even though she had created the compost herself, from her own leaves and berries. Even though she had put her heart and love and tears into it. It was the only thing that could help, and still it would not be enough.

Book 6

FlowerGirl's points story: Black Tuesday

FlowerGirl requested: an important US historical event, at Chatoyant College

Alise poked her roommate's side with the toe of her loafer. "Get up, lazy."

Helen rolled over so her back was to Alise and groaned. "It's Saturday morning! We don't have classes or church! I'm going to sleep in!"

"Not today, you're not," Alise said grimly. "I need you."

Helen gave a deep sigh and sat up. She blinked at Alise. "What are you doing dressed already?"

Catalyst's points story: A Picnic

Catalyst requested: something in the history of Chatoyant College, with a connection to present-day characters and faerie interaction

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