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Chatoyant College

Chapter 56: The Park

Saturday, September 27

The day dawned bright and clear. Or Edie assumed it must have, since it was bright, clear, and relatively warm when she woke up, several hours past dawn. But she'd slept well, and she woke up alert, and they had an interesting day ahead of them. Today Dawn had promised to show them where the park was that had the pond or lake she'd seen.

She showered, dressed, and went to breakfast with Corrie and Dawn. As they were heading back to Gilkey, someone called, "Corrie! Edie!"

Chapter 55: Back to Class

Tuesday, September 23

Chapter 54: Explanations

Corrie suddenly understood what it was he wanted. She nearly laughed out loud. He liked Annie! She remembered now how he'd been paying a little extra attention to her, and how Link had asked about Annie when he'd first met them, though Annie hadn't been there. And Annie was probably oblivious, just as Edie was oblivious to Annie's crush on her. She held her breath, biting her lip so she wouldn't smile, and awaited Annie's answer.

"Oh no, I can't swim either." She shook her head with a laugh. "I've never been a fan of water, I guess. Maybe you should hang out at the pool to meet girls!"

Chapter 53: About the Faeries

"That's the second time tonight we've told you something about the faeries and you've been upset," Corrie pointed out. "Did you know about the faeries but not about...?" She shook her head in frustration. There wasn't really a good way to distinguish between the good faeries and the bad ones--if there were any good faeries. "What do you know about the faeries?" she asked instead.

Chapter 52: The Mermaid Prince

"We'll see if we can find some fresh water if you want, but you're avoiding our questions again," said Corrie. "Look, if we ask a question you really don't want to answer, you can just say so. We're not out to get you. We just want to get to know you. And what if you need our help?"

Chapter 51: A Story

"Should we call you a mermaid?" Corrie asked Troy. "I mean, obviously we're going to actually call you Troy, but should we refer to you as a merman, or a Djanaea, or what?" She'd stumbled a little over the word Troy had given for them, but he didn't correct her, so she must have gotten it close to right.

"Um... I guess if you don't mind saying Djanaea, I would prefer that. And you're not going to be talking about me to too many people, are you?" he asked.

"No, of course not. Now." Corrie leaned back in the chair and crossed her arms. "You never answered my question."

Chapter 50: Secrets Told

Troy bent his head quickly, looking back at the computer screen. "I just have a couple more paragraphs to read, and then we can finish discussing the paper," he said, a little too loudly.

Corrie could take the hint. "Okay, we'll wait."

"I have a little more to read too," said Annie.

Chapter 49: Apologies

That was not a question Corrie had been expecting. Maybe he didn't really know about the faeries. He must have heard of them--maybe from Link--but maybe he thought they were faeries like in Victorian tales. "Well, we haven't had the best experiences," she began slowly. She looked at Annie and Edie, who both nodded encouragingly at her. She turned back to Troy. "A group of them kidnapped Annie, and one tried to kill Edie. Though I guess it's true that another faerie, Professor Lal, was the one who rescued Edie. But you can understand why it's hard for us to be trusting."

Chapter 48: Roundtable

Sunday, September 21

Chapter 47: Revelations

Annie's room was closer to the stairs than Dawn's was, so Corrie knocked on it first. She glanced over at Edie while they waited for Annie. Her friend was smiling too.

Salome opened the door, barely glanced at them, and turned around. "Annie, it's your friends."

"Oh!" said Annie from inside the room. She quickly came to the door. "Hi guys! What's going on?"

"We figured it out!" said Corrie breathlessly.

"Uh... figured what out? Is there something wrong with the project?" Annie asked, her pale blue eyes going wide with confusion.

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