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Chatoyant College

Chapter 13: Would Have Turned Him to a Tree

Edie was momentarily dizzy as she stood up, the blood rushing through her head suddenly. But she regained her balance quickly and followed Leila to the tree that her girlfriend led her to. “Are we doing this… whatever we’re doing,” she giggled, “to all the trees?”

Leila shook her head, pulling herself down again, and Edith down with her. “No, only certain trees are being attacked. It affects the whole orchard, of course, but it’s more important to protect them at the source.”

“They’re being attacked? Really? Who would attack trees?”

“My enemies,” Leila said shortly.

Chapter 12: Doors

“We’d better try all of them,” said Corrie. “Maybe none of them are there but it’s worth a try, right?”

“Absolutely,” said Rico. “We’ll move down the hall. You knock on one door, we’ll knock on the one across from it. We could probably use the help even if two of them answer at once.”

“Good plan.” Corrie moved down to the next door. It had a small plaque on it that read “Virginia Agnew.” It was dark, but she knocked, and as she’d mostly expected, there was no answer.

Chapter 11: The Orchard

Edie realized what time it was as she and her friends were walking back to the dorm from dinner. She was going to be late meeting Leila! She tried to say something, but they were busy talking about the rain (which was, in fact, annoying, but she had a hooded jacket on so at least it wasn’t falling on her hair). And they wanted to get back inside. So she just turned away, peeling off from the group and towards the environmentalist co-op.

Chapter 10: Where's Edie?

Corrie spun around and looked up and down the stairs. Dawn, who had gotten a bit ahead of her, stopped as well. “Corrie? What’s wrong?”

“Where’s Edie?” Corrie said. She ran down the partial flight of stairs she’d just come up, looking for Edie on the lower floor. But why would she be there? “Edie?” she called anyway.

“What? What happened?” asked Naomi, confused.

“I don’t know,” Corrie heard Dawn reply from upstairs. “She’s not here anymore. Did any of you see her leave?”

Chapter 9: History

Corrie did not pay much attention in her history class. She was distracted partly by the conversation she had had immediately before it, and partly by the professor himself. It wasn’t that he was interesting, or attractive, or any of those things. Not by himself, anyway. It was that they’d found a picture of him in an old yearbook, and he had looked exactly the same as he did now. That was almost as good as proof that he was a faerie.

Chapter 8: I'll Call Her

“I understand.” Charlie stood again. “Sorry to kick you out, but I’ve got to get to class. I assume I can trust you two to keep quiet about this.”

“Of course,” agreed Dawn. “But can we tell Edie? She’s Corrie’s roommate and we probably should have brought her with us, but she has class right now.”

Charlie opened his door. “If you can trust her to keep quiet,” he said, ushering them out. “I don’t want this getting all over campus, you know? People are still really superstitious, even if they know magic.”

Chapter 7: Wolf

Dawn looked at Corrie for her reaction. She was certainly curious to see some proof, but once again, she felt that it was Corrie’s choice. If werewolves really existed, then that was just one more point in favor of the man who said he was Corrie’s father being truthful—and she didn’t think Corrie actually wanted it to be true.

“Really?” said Corrie skeptically.

“Really,” said Charlie. He stood up. “I have class soon, but there should be enough time for you to get a good look at me.”

“I’d like to see it,” Dawn offered.

Chapter 6: Prove It

Charlie didn’t react to that, except to draw his brows together a little in polite confusion. “You don’t know who your father is?”

Corrie shook her head. “No, but I think you do.”

There was silence for a moment. Dawn considered saying something, but this was really between Corrie and Charlie. She was just there for support. She would only speak if it became really necessary.

Finally Corrie said, “Do you or do you not have communication with a man off-campus?”

Chapter 5: Charlie

When Roe had gone, Corrie turned to Dawn. “Do you have anything to do right now?”

Dawn shook her head. “I have another class later, but I don’t have anything in particular to do until then. Why?”

Corrie looked down at her hands, one of which was picking an imaginary piece of fuzz off her T-shirt. “Would you come with me to talk to Charlie?”

Chapter 4: Love is Blind

Magic class was just as stimulating as it always was. It was impossible to fall asleep in this class, as Corrie had discovered on Monday; Professor Lal always noticed, and woke you up with pointed questions. Not that Dawn ever tried to fall asleep in class. Even if she had been that tired, the sight of Professor Lal’s true face, with its terrifying mouthful of sharp teeth, was enough to keep her alert.

That reminded her… she ought to give her aunt a call.

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