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Chatoyant College

Chapter 34: The Meeting

Corrie didn't even have to knock on Annie's door--she was opening the door and coming out of the room just as they reached it. "Hi!" Annie said, smiling brightly at them. "Do you want some help with that?" she asked, reaching toward Edie's pile of books.

Edie shook her head and laughed. "It's not that many books! Not now that Dawn took some of them, anyway. Seriously, guys, I don't need help."

"I just thought I'd offer," Annie said quietly, stuffing her hands in her pockets.

Chapter 33: Some New Mystery

Corrie checked her watch as they walked back from dinner. It was seven-thirty. So they had half an hour to get ready for the meeting. She wanted to get a sign-up sheet of some kind and also find time to tell Dawn about Troy. She hadn't wanted to tell everyone about him, and apparently Edie and Annie agreed, since neither of them had brought up what had happened in class that morning during dinner. Thankfully, neither of those tasks should be very hard. Dawn joined her and Edie in their room as usual. "You guys seem a little weird tonight," she said as they walked into the room.

Chapter 32: Tuesday Evening

Corrie hadn't realized how tight her Tuesday evening schedule would be until she was leaving her FYE class and realized that she only had two hours to eat dinner and do any possible preparations for the meeting that night. Of course, tonight there weren't any preparations--they were just going to show up and see who else did--but in the future, it might be a problem. She might have to start scheduling all of her readings for Professor Lal's Wednesday classes so that she could get them done on Monday or earlier. If she could stick to her own schedule.

Chapter 31: The Bright Side

"Shit," said Corrie in a low voice, watching Troy talk to Jasmine at the front of the room. She couldn't tell what they were saying, but Troy was obviously unhappy. "I really screwed that one up, didn't I?"

"It's not your fault," said Annie. "I don't think any of us could have predicted his reaction. But what is he so upset about? He can't be offended at the idea of magic, can he?"

Chapter 30: Controversy

Corrie immediately felt sympathy for the guy. He obviously didn't have any friends in the class, or at least none good enough that he could join their group. And as she glanced over at the rest of the room, she could see that most of the other groups were four people; he didn't have many choices for where to go. "That's fine with me," she said, looking at Edie and Annie to see what they thought.

"Sure," said Edie. "If nothing else, having four people means we do less work each." Annie barely looked up at him, but she nodded too.

Chapter 29: Inspection

Tuesday, September 16

Chapter 28: Mental Mechanisms

Professor Lal continued, speaking half to Roe, half to the class at large. "You may have realized, if you've looked at the class listings for the magic department, that visions fall under the category of divination. They may seem to come from your mind, but... well, it is difficult to explain at this point in your education, but they do sort of use different parts of your brain. Though your particular visions may be involuntary, there is a part of your brain that is looking for information about the future."

"Oh, Professor Strega did say that," said Roe, nodding.

Chapter 27: Psychic Magic

Monday, September 15

"Did you all enjoy the readings on psychic magic?" asked Professor Lal as she entered the classroom, shutting the door behind her.

Most of the class, Corrie among them, muttered answers, not thinking their answers were what Professor Lal was looking for. Corrie, looking at Dawn, said "no" under her breath. She'd thought the subject would be interesting, but had found most of the readings very dry.

"Yes," called a girl from the back. "No," called a guy from the right side of the room. The rest of the class laughed.

Chapter 26: The Curse of the College Student

Edie hesitated, walking slowly up the stairs, letting the others go ahead of her. "Oh, I'd like to..."

"But?" Leila prompted gently.

Edie sighed. "I already went out once today, and I do have homework to finish, since I didn't do any at all yesterday. I don't think staying up all night would really be helpful at this point. I'm sorry."

Chapter 25: Roasted Garlic

When the appetizers arrived, including Edie's salad and Naomi's roasted garlic, Naomi wrinkled her nose at her food. "It still smells like garlic," she complained.

"Yeah, there's no escaping that," said Dawn. Edie thought it smelled good. She took a forkful of salad to distract herself. It wasn't a very interesting salad--just lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers with a vinaigrette dressing--but at least it was green lettuce, probably romaine, instead of iceberg.

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