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Chatoyant College

Chapter 50: Natural Werewolves

Corrie’s father walked out onto the tip of the rock and sat down, his feet dangling over the side. Corrie followed cautiously, finally letting go of Edie’s hand, and sat down next to him. She had to zip her jacket back up, because she wasn’t exerting herself anymore, and the cold rock sent shivers through her. She had a momentary urge to lean against the man she knew was her father, but he was still nearly a stranger, even if she did have half his DNA. She kept a little distance between them. Thankfully, Edie sat down close on her other side.

Chapter 49: Werewolves

Corrie was actually glad the night was so cool. She had to unzip her jacket because she had warmed up from so much walking, and if it hadn’t been chilly out she would have had to take off her jacket entirely, and that would have been a pain to carry. Despite Charlie’s assurance that they didn’t have to walk much farther, she and Edie had to stop twice to catch their breath and take drinks of water. The second time, Charlie did accept some of the water, but still urged them to hurry.

Chapter 48: Bothering

“Maybe she was.” Corrie decided to drop it. They could argue all night, though with all this exertion it was only going to get harder. She would keep coming up with reasons, and Edie, it looked like, would keep coming up with excuses. Instead, she decided to change the subject by telling Edie about how she and Byron had broken up.

“What a jerk!” Edie said when Corrie had finished explaining. “Do you want me to go yell at him for you?”

Corrie laughed. “Only if you want to. I mean, I don’t think it will help, but he probably deserves it.”

“You don’t seem too upset.”

Chapter 47: The Right Moment

“You okay?” Corrie asked Edie quietly, as soon as she was sure they were out of earshot.

“Of course,” Edie said. “Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Oh, just because we were all kind of arguing with each other back there… If you’re mad at me, I understand.” If Edie didn’t realize that Leila was trying to control her and hurt her, Corrie would stay quiet about it. It certainly wouldn’t help if she just tried to tell her friend.

Chapter 46: Plans

Corrie gulped and squeezed Edie’s hand even tighter. Edie must be seeing through Leila’s glamour. How could she do that with the steel bracelet, and Corrie couldn’t? Maybe she was touching her clover too.

Leila reached up to touch her ear, frowning. “There’s nothing wrong with my ears.”

Edie shook her head. “They look different.” She tried to pull her hand out of Corrie’s grasp, then looked down at it, frowning. “Corrie, let go of me, please.”

“No way,” Corrie said firmly. “We’re going. You don’t need to stand around talking to her.”

Chapter 45: Ears

They made a little party of it, after dinner: the six friends sitting in Dawn and Naomi’s room, where Naomi’s jewelry-making supplies were, talking and making bracelets. Actually, Edie and Naomi were making bracelets, and everyone else was just talking. Edie had more success with the larger knitting needles she’d gotten out of her room, and she finished a bracelet first. She tried it on. Corrie watched her carefully, but she didn’t seem to have any discomfort with the iron against her skin.

Chapter 44: Bracelets

“Well… I guess we make jewelry with it,” Corrie said. “Wasn’t that the idea? If we make necklaces or something, then we can have the steel against our skin all the time.”

“So, no beading it, I guess,” said Naomi.

“Not if it means the steel won’t be against our skin, no,” said Dawn. “I was thinking bracelets would be the best idea. Maybe two for each of us, if there’s enough wire.”

Chapter 43: Stainless Steel

“That brings up another question,” Dawn said, walking over to Corrie’s bed and sitting down. “What kind of iron counts? The keys obviously aren’t wrought iron. I don’t think modern keys are normally even one hundred percent iron.”

“I guess even if they’re alloys it counts,” Corrie said, digging through her desk drawer to see if there was anything metal among her pens and pencils. “I don’t know how we’ll figure out what metal is iron and what isn’t.” She picked up a metal ruler with a cork back and looked it over. In small letters, it said that it was aluminum. She put it back.

Chapter 42: Duct Tape

Edie laughed some more and shut the door. “You’re definitely not a Girl Scout. Real Girl Scouts would use duct tape.”

“Yeah? That is a good idea.” Corrie peeled the tape off her skin and tossed it in the trash, then jingled her keys, contemplating them. “Have any?”

“No. I guess I’m not a very good Girl Scout either. Which makes sense, since I haven’t gone to any meetings in a few years.” Edie tossed her backpack onto her bed with a sigh of apparent relief. “Why are you trying to get your keys to stick to you anyway?”

Chapter 41: Scotch Tape

Friday, October 10

Corrie had a hard time concentrating during her classes that day. The only reason she got through magic class was because Dawn poked her a few times, bringing her attention back to what Professor Lal was saying. That and the fact that they’d read the material the night before, of course.

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