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Chatoyant College

Chapter 25: Quiet Morning

Sunday, October 5

Dawn woke up feeling, thankfully, refreshed. And it wasn’t too late, either—which was good, since she’d forgotten to set her alarm and she didn’t know when her parents might call wanting to get together with her again. It was eight o’clock in the morning; she’d gotten a solid eight and a half hours of sleep. Naomi, of course, was still sleeping.

Chapter 24: Long Day

Dawn went into her room—which was unlocked, so Naomi must be there—and sat down on her bed with a sigh. Naomi looked over at her from her desk. “Long day?”

Dawn nodded tiredly. Now that the excitement was over (or she hoped it was, at least), she found she had very little energy. “Even longer than usual. My parents wanted me up at the crack of dawn to go out to breakfast with them.”

“Well, they named you Dawn, I guess they wanted to see you then,” Naomi said with a grin.

Dawn just rolled her eyes and changed the subject. “What about you? Have a good time with your dad?”

Chapter 23: Calm Down

When they were safely away from the man who said he was Corrie’s father—nearly to Gilkey, in fact—Dawn tugged her arm gently, still in Corrie’s grasp. “Corrie,” she said softly, “you’re hurting me.”

Corrie abruptly dropped the arm as though it had burnt her. “Sorry.” She wasn’t looking at Dawn.

Chapter 22: Disbelief

“Just because you know her doesn’t prove anything,” Corrie retorted, feeling like she was ceaselessly pushing against an immovable barrier. “You might have dated her or something. But that doesn’t mean you had to be my father.”

“Knowing the moon doesn’t convince you?”

It was a step in that direction, but she wasn’t about to admit that. “I grew up learning it. I know what I’m doing.”

“You know the difference between a full moon and a gibbous moon, even when it’s very close.”

Chapter 21: Not Human

“Your eyes,” Corrie said. “There’s something about your eyes.” It had been nagging at her, and at least she could say something now. Was that what he wanted her to notice?

“Ah,” he said. “You can’t see them so well in this light. It doesn’t show colors.”
Corrie unfolded her arms so she could look at the photo in her hand. She could see the color of his eyes—not clearly, but well enough. “Your eyes are brown.” Like hers. She shook off the thought. Her mom had brown eyes, too.

“No, I was wearing brown contacts that day. I usually do, when I’m spending time with humans.”

Chapter 20: Photograph

Corrie couldn’t help it. She just started laughing. “You expect me to believe that?” Some creepy guy came out of nowhere and said he was her father? He was probably just trying to freak her out.

Dawn, though, didn’t seem amused. “He does kind of look like you,” she said doubtfully.

Corrie turned to her, astonished. “You believe this creep?”

“I’m telling the truth,” he said.

Corrie turned back to him and folded her arms. “Prove it.”

Chapter 19: Mystery Man

Corrie considered running. She could definitely make it back to Gilkey before he could, and Dawn wasn’t in bad shape, either. But could they make it inside in time? He looked like he was in good shape, too. She looked around for a guard, but the gates were still wide open, despite the late hour—they’d been expecting parents to come and go. There might be someone in the little guard house, but that was on the other side. If this man wanted to hurt them, he could probably stop them before they got anywhere.

Chapter 18: Inconvenient Interruption

After the concert, Corrie walked with her mom and grandmother back to the parking lot while Edie’s family headed back to the dorm. It was fully dark by then, and the skies were clear. The three-quarters moon was bright over the trees and the sky was spangled liberally with stars. Her grandmother tilted her head back as they walked, smiling. “How beautiful,” she said. “There’s never this many stars visible in the city.”

Chapter 17: The Concert

As it turned out, they were almost late to the concert. They went directly from the parking lot to the administration building, which was the easiest building to reach from there, and still got there just before they started closing the doors. “I don’t think there’s too many seats left,” said one of the students at the door. “Good luck.”

Chapter 16: Nosy

As Edie had expected, her parents agreed to go out to the Asian fusion place, and after a little persuading, Corrie and her family decided to come along as well. Dawn and her family were still off somewhere, so they went without them. It was starting to get dark, so they decided to walk over to the parking lot and drive to the restaurant. “I’m pretty sure it’s just as long a walk to the parking lot as it is to the restaurant from Gilkey,” Edie muttered to Corrie as they walked.

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