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Chatoyant College

Chapter 17: The Concert

As it turned out, they were almost late to the concert. They went directly from the parking lot to the administration building, which was the easiest building to reach from there, and still got there just before they started closing the doors. “I don’t think there’s too many seats left,” said one of the students at the door. “Good luck.”

Chapter 16: Nosy

As Edie had expected, her parents agreed to go out to the Asian fusion place, and after a little persuading, Corrie and her family decided to come along as well. Dawn and her family were still off somewhere, so they went without them. It was starting to get dark, so they decided to walk over to the parking lot and drive to the restaurant. “I’m pretty sure it’s just as long a walk to the parking lot as it is to the restaurant from Gilkey,” Edie muttered to Corrie as they walked.

Chapter 15: Mischief

Edie wondered what she could do to entertain her family while they were between activities. Dinner would be starting soon, but most likely, nobody would be ready to eat yet. Her grandmother seemed bored now that Leila had gone. Edie walked over and sat next to her on her bed. “You seemed to get along well with Leila,” she said.

Her grandmother turned to her with a smile. “I did. She’s a sweet girl.” She patted Edie’s hand gently with her soft, dry hand. “I’m so glad you found someone.”

Chapter 14: Marlin and Leila

“This statue?” Aunt Pru asked when they had reached it, blinking in confusion. “That’s right, we never did get around to discussing it, did we? I suspected it must be a faerie creation.”

“In a way,” Dawn said. “You knew that there were a whole bunch of statues of girls all around campus, right?”

“Sure,” said Pru. “Nobody really knew who they were, though. I figured they were distinguished alumni or something.”

Chapter 13: Danger

Dawn followed her aunt to the tree—she supposed walking on the grass wasn’t something to worry about at the moment—but couldn’t sit down. She felt restless and frustrated. She paced for a little bit, waiting for her aunt to say something. She supposed she needed time to process what Dawn had told her. But when the minutes stretched on and Pru didn’t say anything, Dawn finally turned to her. “Why didn’t you tell me?” she burst out.

Chapter 12: The Sight

“Did what work?” Dawn asked blankly. Had her aunt asked her to do something on campus? If she had, Dawn had forgotten about it, which made it unlikely.

“Oh, you know what I’m talking about,” said her aunt. “Or you don’t, if it didn’t work.”

Dawn shook her head. “I guess it didn’t work, then, because I can’t figure out what you’re talking about.”

Chapter 11: Missing Lunch

Dawn and her mom and aunt spent quite some time in Rico’s room, chatting with him and Duncan (until Duncan’s family arrived). To Dawn’s relief and pleasure, her mom seemed to like Rico well enough. She wished her dad was there too, but hopefully he would get a chance to meet Rico before the weekend was over. Her mom kept checking her phone to see if her dad had called, but whatever the business call had been, it was evidently long and important.

Chapter 10: Good-Luck Charm

“Are four-leaf clovers the only thing that’s more common here?” Corrie’s mom asked as they all started walking again.

“I think so,” said Corrie. “I was just thinking about that earlier, as a matter of fact. I wonder if there will be weird flowers in the spring.” She kept one eye on the edge of the path as she walked. It made her faintly anxious to be without the one thing that she knew could allow her to see through faerie glamour, especially since Dawn wasn’t there. It probably wasn’t important to look for faeries today, but she wanted a new one nonetheless.

Chapter 9: Overnight

“They seem to have a lot of activities for us to do,” said Edie’s dad. “Are they afraid we’ll get bored?”

“I think it’s a combination of things,” Corrie said. “Part of it is that the school wants to show off. That’s what the musical performances are for. And I guess they want to make sure you have stuff to do all day so you don’t get bored staying here all weekend. But they also don’t want to make us entertain you in our tiny dorm rooms! We can barely fit three people in them when we want to study!”

Chapter 8: Stories

They were nearly to the table where the food was being served when Corrie caught up to yesterday’s class, the second one in a series on the symbolism of Tarot cards. Professor Lal hadn’t explained how they were used magically yet, only hinting that there were uses other than divination, but they were interesting to learn about. “I remember being interested in the Tarot when I was your age,” her grandma said thoughtfully. “I didn’t realize it was still around, or as old as you say it is. I might start looking into it again.”

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