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Chatoyant College

Chapter 50: Not Herself

“So what you’re saying,” Troy said slowly, “is that Edie’s not herself. Her reaction is based on faerie magic. So she probably won’t just come around to forgiving you.”

“Exactly,” said Dawn.

“In that case, shouldn’t you talk to one of the magic teachers about it? I mean, I only know Djanaea magic. I don’t think I can do anything to help you.”

“We already talked to Professor Lal,” Corrie explained. “She says she’ll keep an eye on Leila, but doesn’t think she’s much of a threat. Don’t you know anything about illusions that could help us?”

Chapter 49: Troy's Advice

“…So that’s why we wanted your advice,” Corrie finished up. “Any thoughts you might have would probably be helpful.”

Chapter 48: Part of My Job

Professor Lal nodded. “That’s no surprise. I can’t exactly hide the fact that we have a student with the Sight—”

“Why not?” Corrie interrupted angrily.

Professor Lal turned a cool glare on her. “As I was saying, Dawn would inevitably be found out by others, and they wouldn’t be happy if they learned I’d hidden your existence from them. And we do have to hide our existence from the rest of the world, if not from you and your friends.”

“But we would have found out sooner if you hadn’t told her,” Corrie protested.

Chapter 47: Don't Lie to Professor Lal

Monday, October 6

Corrie was sure she’d only laid her head down on her desk for a moment. The fake wood was nice and cool, and it felt soothing against her skin. But somehow Professor Lal managed to get from behind her desk, where she was drawing symbols of the four elements on the blackboard, to directly in front of Corrie’s desk without Corrie noticing.

She sat up immediately, as soon as she’d realized who was standing over her desk. Unfortunately, that meant pulling her face away from the desk a little too fast for comfort. It pulled. She tried not to wince.

Chapter 46: Messing with Our Minds

“Should we go after her?” Annie asked, her body language unchanged but her voice back to being soft and shaky.

Corrie shook her head and sat down hard on her bed. “She’ll just be angrier. She thinks we’re trying to hurt her. How could we screw this up?”

Dawn leaned against the wall. Her legs felt weak. “It’s not our fault,” she said. She wasn’t entirely sure she believed that herself, but she needed to say it to keep Corrie and Annie from feeling too guilty. “It’s… if anyone, it’s Leila’s. We’ve seen how faerie magic can affect people’s minds.”

Chapter 45: Against Her

Edie half-ran down the steps, only slowing down when she stumbled and had to catch herself on the railing to avoid falling down half a flight of steps. All she could think was that she had to get out of there.

She stopped when she reached the first floor and looked with some longing down the short hall of rooms. She could talk to Lorelei, couldn’t she? Lorelei was always good for talking to. She was so calm and reasonable, she made you feel better. At least she seemed that way to Edie. She never judged anybody. It was what made her such a good RA.

Chapter 44: We Just Want to Help

Edie’s face took on the blackest expression that Dawn had ever seen. She might not have been the most cheerful person (that was Corrie, of course), but she never seemed to get angry, either. At least not like this. Edie’s eyebrows had drawn together until there was no space between them. Her eyes narrowed. Her lips tightened and formed into a sneer.

For a moment she didn’t do anything else. Then she got up, gripping her sandwich in one hand, and slammed her jar of peanut butter down on her desk. The loud noise made all three of the others jump.

Chapter 43: Return

Leila didn’t get them lost, though. It was fully dark by the time they arrived, the stars beginning to appear as the trees thinned out. Dawn felt as much as saw them pass into the safe area of the woods and relaxed her shoulders. By then she and Naomi had joined the group, walking as close to the others as they could so as not to lose them in the darkness. They hadn’t said anything else, only waited and followed in silence.

Chapter 42: Ears

“Edie!” Corrie cried, and ran a few steps toward her. Dawn and Annie both followed with alacrity. But then they all stopped again when Leila joined Edie in the doorway. It was dark; Dawn couldn’t see what might be behind them.

But she did see something she’d never seen before. Leila had indeed been hiding something with her hair down earlier. It was subtle, but to Dawn’s Sight, obvious: her ears were delicately pointed and, on the edges, tinged with green.

Chapter 41: In Circles

In a panic, Dawn stepped back, reaching out behind her for something solid. Her left hand hit a tree trunk; her right hand hit something else, something narrow and soft. She was about to shriek when she realized it was someone’s arm. She clutched at it gratefully. “Dawn?” said Corrie, who evidently belonged to the arm. “Is something wrong?”

Dawn couldn’t seem to make her mouth work in order to answer. Instead, she let go of the tree and pointed ahead. Corrie stepped forward and gasped. “What… what is that?” she asked in a shaky voice.

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