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Chatoyant College

Chapter 17: Party Time

Despite what she had just said to Dawn, Corrie tried to put her worries out of her head as they followed Naomi and Tom at a slightly more sedate pace. They were going to a party, after all. She was there to have fun. And eat candy. She would have to be alert to any possibility of changes from the faerie court, but there was nothing she could do about them tonight, and she was thoroughly certain that none of her friends would be going anywhere near there.

Chapter 16: Candy

Dawn was relieved to be walking out of the forest again, with the comfort of her two friends and Tom by her sides. She didn’t entirely think she should trust Tom, but she did anyway. Maybe it was just because her aunt had. Maybe it was because he’d helped them by escorting Troy away from the fight despite his own desires.

“What’s in the bag?” he asked cheerfully as they walked downhill. Naomi was carrying all of their bags of candy in a plastic grocery bag.

Chapter 15: Invited

“I’m going to change before the party,” Corrie announced as she pulled her car into the parking lot.

“Your clothes look fine to me,” said Naomi.

Corrie was wearing a T-shirt and jeans, the same outfit that she usually seemed to wear. She turned off her car and shrugged. “I just want to wear something more… party-like. Even if the parties are really casual.”

“Well, that’s fine with me, I want to drop off some of this candy in my room anyway.” Naomi turned to Dawn as they all got out of the car. “You want to meet us there?”

Chapter 14: Theories

They hurried past a metal rack that was empty of merchandise, only sporting a few scattered feathers, bits of glitter, and abandoned plastic bags along the bottom. The store looked really pathetic like this. Edie was standing by a tall box of posters. There were only a few things left in it. “Sorry,” she said as they approached. “I thought you guys were behind me. You must not have heard me when I said I saw posters.”

Corrie shrugged. “Sorry. This place is a little mazelike. Did you find something?”

Chapter 13: Faeries in the Department

As Dawn had predicted, the grocery store in West Ashburn was pretty much picked clean of candy—all that was left were two bags of Mounds and a box of cheap brightly-colored lollipops. They looked around the store anyway, but even the bright displays at the ends of aisles, meant to catch people’s attention as they shopped for other things, were empty. Also, they didn’t sell posters.

Chapter 12: Poster Experiments

Friday, October 31

“So I guess Halloween’s not such a big deal at Chatoyant College,” Dawn said, leaning back in her chair. “I haven’t heard about any parties or anything.”

“Really?” said Naomi, surprised. “I didn’t tell you about the art department party?” They were both back in their dorm room after classes. Naomi was laying on her bed painting on a large piece of posterboard. Dawn didn’t know how she could do that without getting paint on her comforter.

Chapter 11: Digging in Dirt

That evening, after their book club (which had so far turned out more like a social club than an actual book study club, but Edie was okay with that—she had plenty of books and studying in her classes), Edie met Leila in the orchard by the environmentalist co-op. They were no longer doing any magic to help the trees. Leila said it wouldn’t help much now that they were not being magically attacked, and in fact it might hurt them by becoming dependent on magic.

Chapter 10: Dream Posters

Tuesday, October 28

Edie felt fine when she woke up in the morning, and she had no trouble eating a normal breakfast, a bowl of cereal—though she did choose a particularly sugary one. The having-a-cold theory didn’t hold up. Maybe she’d averted it by eating all her vegetables and no dessert.

Chapter 9: Pizza

At dinner, the topic of the craft fair came up again, when Corrie, Dawn, and Roe told the rest of the group about how Roe’s vision had turned out to refer to it, and that something would explode in glitter at some point. “It’s too bad we didn’t know about this craft fair earlier,” Corrie said to Edie. “You could have sold some knitted stuff or something.”

Chapter 8: Not That Long

Edie sat down in French class with a sigh. She was still thinking about those strawberries from yesterday. They’d just been so delicious—not to mention the fact that she and Leila had eventually resorted to feeding each other the strawberries with their mouths. Memories of Leila’s tongue were very distracting.

Thankfully, she managed to drag her mind back to the present when Zip sat down beside her. “How’s it going?” she asked, forcing herself to smile.

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