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Chatoyant College

Chapter 34: He'd Love to See You

“In fact…” Dawn said, thinking of how genuinely sad Tom had seemed to be when he heard that Pru had never had children (in fact, it was the only genuine emotion she had seen from him, other than maybe amusement), “Why don’t you come back here? I’m sure he’d love to see you.”

Pru made a noncommittal noise. “He didn’t come to see me when I was on campus visiting you.”

“I don’t think he knew you were there. He doesn’t seem to be very connected with campus events. He didn’t know about what Marlin was doing with his human lovers. And to be fair, you didn’t go looking for him, either.”

Chapter 33: A Reason

“I’m sorry,” Dawn said softly. She wished there was something she could do for Aunt Pru.

“It’s all right,” Pru said, and she really didn’t sound sad. “I made my choice. It’s better than settling for someone who wasn’t really good enough for me, isn’t it? I hope you’ll never do that.”

Chapter 32: Never Lasted

Dawn walked into her room and threw herself face-down on her bed. Thursdays were just too long. There had been so many interesting classes she’d wanted to take, so many possible careers she could pursue, that she’d decided to try them all. Clearly that had been the wrong choice—she had just ended up with too many different classes and too much in her brain. She should have at least spread them out over more semesters. And she still didn’t know which course she wanted to pursue.

Chapter 31: A Real Family

“You believe me? You believe us?”

“Yeah. I wasn’t sure at first, but… now I don’t have much choice.” Corrie took a deep breath. “Apparently he’s in contact with someone I know on campus. I talked to him—Charlie—and, well, he showed me. Is that how my dad convinced you he was telling you the truth?”

“Yes, exactly. He… transformed. He didn’t tell me until after I found out I was pregnant with you, though. That’s part of the reason we broke up.”

Chapter 30: A Little Weird

“Actually,” Corrie said slowly, “things have been a little weird.”

“Hmm. You told me about the concerns you had about Edie’s girlfriend.”

“Yeah.” Corrie hadn’t yet told her mother about the faeries. She might never do so. It was probably not as dangerous for people off-campus as it was for people who lived near the faeries, but she still didn’t want to put her mom in danger. She’d just explained that she thought Edie’s girlfriend was treating her badly. “I actually got in a bit of a fight with her today. But that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about.”

Chapter 29: Mom

After her FYE class, Corrie went back to her dorm room and attempted to work on the paper she had to do for Jasmine’s class, but she couldn’t concentrate. She’d felt too sick to eat lunch and concluded that she had low blood sugar and was in need of sustenance, but after she made herself a peanut butter sandwich, she just stared at it, unable to come up with the energy to take a bite.

Chapter 28: Don't Threaten Her Trees

“I guess that’s not quite true,” Dawn added. “Ever was the first faerie I met, but I didn’t realize she was a faerie until after I’d met them.”

“Why aren’t you asking her these questions?”

“She traded herself. Went to live with them.”

He raised his eyebrows. “An interesting choice. Oh, dear, I don’t think I know who that is. I suppose I’ll have to spend some time spying on them again.” He grinned, obviously finding this an entertaining prospect.

“How do you spy on them without them knowing you’re there?”

Chapter 27: Obfuscating

Dawn sighed in frustration. Tom was being extremely obfuscating. Still… she’d gotten more information out of him than she had from anyone else, even Professor Lal, who was supposed to be there to help her. So it was worth continuing to talk to him. Until she had to run back to class, of course. “Fine. Do you have an actual reason for not telling me why so many faeries live around here?”

“Do I have a reason for anything?”

She shook her head. “Probably not. Okay, new question. Do you know a faerie called Leila?”

Chapter 26: Privacy

Unfortunately, there weren’t too many private areas on campus, unless they walked all the way back to the dorms, which Corrie didn’t want to do—they had planned to get lunch and she was starting to get hungry. She wanted to keep her explanations quick.

Chapter 25: Lead the Way

Leila just smiled at Corrie, her expression calm, seeming to not feel any discomfort from being slammed up against the wall. “You see? You can’t even control your emotions. Useless.”

“If you think we’re so useless, what are you doing with Edie? Why don’t you just let her go?” Corrie kept her hands on Leila’s shoulders, her arm muscles straining to hold the faerie in place. She was too angry at Leila’s contemptuous treatment to do anything else. How could she say that humans were useless?

Leila’s smile widened. “Ah, you see, Edith is not human.”

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