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Chatoyant College

Chapter 1: Waking Slowly

Wednesday, October 8

Edie seemed to wake slowly from a heavy sleep. She blinked hard at the sunlight coming in her window and slapped at her alarm. The alarm stopped, but the sunlight didn’t go away. She sat up and yawned hugely. The sleep still hung over her. She’d had a dream… hadn’t she? She reached for it, but it was gone.

Well, it would be time to get some breakfast soon. Yawning some more, she picked out clothes and dragged them on. Her limbs were heavy. Maybe some food would wake her up. She needed to be awake before it was time for French class, certainly.

Prologue: The Trees

She knelt down beside the tree, sowing handfuls of compost into its soil. In her heart, she knew it would not be enough. Even though she had created the compost herself, from her own leaves and berries. Even though she had put her heart and love and tears into it. It was the only thing that could help, and still it would not be enough.

Book 6

FlowerGirl's points story: Black Tuesday

FlowerGirl requested: an important US historical event, at Chatoyant College

Alise poked her roommate's side with the toe of her loafer. "Get up, lazy."

Helen rolled over so her back was to Alise and groaned. "It's Saturday morning! We don't have classes or church! I'm going to sleep in!"

"Not today, you're not," Alise said grimly. "I need you."

Helen gave a deep sigh and sat up. She blinked at Alise. "What are you doing dressed already?"

Catalyst's points story: A Picnic

Catalyst requested: something in the history of Chatoyant College, with a connection to present-day characters and faerie interaction

mjkj's points story: A Mix-Up

mjkj asked for a story about Darcy

It was the first day of college and Darcy was terrified.

Classes hadn't even started yet. They were just moving in. She and her parents had gotten there at nine o'clock that morning and had to wait for a school employee to come in and show them where her dorm was. It was called Mary Thomas. They'd gotten all her stuff, her books and clothes, moved in by ten. Then they'd gone to the dining hall and had a light brunch, just to have something to do.

And then her parents had gone home.

Chapter 54: Forgiveness

Corrie wouldn’t have believed it was possible to be even antsier than she had been that morning and afternoon, but it happened anyway. She wrote three pages of her paper, which, for four days before the paper was due, was plenty. At least once she got into that it distracted her already. But Edie continued to not return to the room. She tried playing computer games to calm her nerves, including ones that involved shooting things, but it only helped a little.

Chapter 53: Apologetic

The day wasn’t going so well for Corrie, either. It had started as well as it always did, except that the fog meant she and Byron had to run a little more slowly than usual for fear of crashing into people or buildings. She was, as always, grateful for the emergency lights that shone through the fog. But when she’d gotten out of her shower, Edie was already gone. Corrie met Annie for breakfast like usual, but Edie didn’t join them. She was already in the classroom for their Academic Writing class when they arrived, but didn’t speak to them.

Chapter 52: Tuesday

Tuesday, October 7

Tuesdays were never a fun day for Dawn. They started at what she thought was an unreasonable hour with her FYE class (though at least she got more sleep than she had that weekend, with her parents wanting breakfast at the crack of dawn). She did not understand why the class had to be so early, especially since she was sure none of her fellow students stayed any more awake and alert than she did.

Chapter 51: Plan

Rico’s eyebrows wrinkled in confusion. “Pretty easy, I guess. I mean, he’s always available for questions about classwork. He says asking him questions counts as working hard, and working hard is the only way we’re going to pass his class.”

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