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Chatoyant College

Chapter 42: Thread

Dawn was very happy not to leave Rico’s room until it was time for dinner. Afterward, they all headed up to Corrie and Edie’s room to see what would happen when Edie took out the things she’d put into her bag from the craft fair. Dawn had already told Rico about everything else that had happened at the craft fair and that day (leaving out her birthday present for him, of course), and he was as interested as any of them to see what would happen.

Chapter 41: A Talk

Once Rico and Dawn were alone in his room, she grinned nervously at him. “I’m glad you’re not freaked out by me wanting to talk.”

He laughed, sitting down on his bed, and patted the spot next to him. “Well, you don’t sound like you want to break up with me.”

Her grin widened with relief at his casualness and she sat next to him, snuggling against his side. “No, definitely not.”

He put his arm around her and squeezed gently. “So, what’s up?”

Chapter 40: Science and Magic

Dawn slowed down once they’d left the building, looking behind them, but Roe didn’t seem to be following. She grinned at Corrie and Edie. “You think they’re talking?”

“They better be,” said Corrie, who was also grinning. “Who would have guessed, weird faerie magic bringing people together?”

“Everything at this school is because of weird faerie magic,” Dawn said, shaking her head.

Edie smiled. “I don’t know, I’d like to imagine that my French class has nothing to do with weird faerie magic. Though, that is where I met Marlin…”

Chapter 39: Dolls

They all went back to the dorm so Corrie could change clothes (there was some mud on her jeans) and brush her hair. Dawn checked next door to see if Naomi had come back from wherever she’d run off to, but she was nowhere to be found, so she went back to Corrie and Edie’s room, to find them both looking at something on the floor.

“What is it?” she asked, walking quickly over to them.

“It’s my doll,” Corrie said. She picked it up and stood. “The one I bought at the craft fair this morning.”

Dawn nodded. “I recognize it. So?”

Chapter 38: A Tumble

Dawn stared up into the tree. It was mostly bare, but she still couldn’t see where Tom had gone. She couldn’t see him at all. It was like he had jumped up and just vanished. “Well, crap,” she said out loud, still gazing up. “Now what do we do?”

“Let him do his thing?” Roe said, standing up behind Dawn. “I mean, I’m glad to hear that he’s going to deal with that jerk who messed with you.”

“Yeah, I don’t think there’s anything I could do to stop Tom, even if I wanted to,” she said. “But he didn’t really explain anything to us.”

Chapter 37: Unusual Interest

Annie didn’t want to go, but Roe was interested in meeting Tom, so they were a little group of four that headed up to the north end of campus. Edie was anxious enough that she actually remembered her bracelets this time, which reminded Corrie and Roe, too. She kept touching them as they walked through the campus, bumping into people as they tried to stay on the path—the sidewalks were crowded today, with fellow students moving around. But it was a Saturday, after all, and for once there was something on campus to do. Maybe the craft fair was getting some business after all.

Chapter 36: Hair Brushing

“Okay, I need to brush my hair before we do anything else,” Roe said as they left.

Edie nodded eagerly, shaking more glitter out of her hair. “That sounds like an excellent idea.”

“I’ll leave you girls to that,” said Link with a laugh.

“You know you have glitter in your hair too, right?” Corrie asked with a grin.

Chapter 35: Glitter

When Tricia brought out a version of the drawstring bag that was checked with green and black, Edie decided she had to buy it—she loved those colors. And when she pointed out a small purse she’d made with a blue wave-patterned fabric and told Troy she could make a large men’s bag using that fabric, the girls had to hide their grins as she made another sale.

Then the room exploded.

Chapter 34: Globe

Nobody had much interest in the knitted potholders (as college students, they didn’t exactly use pots very often) so they walked to the next table, where a variety of different crafts were on display. “Oh, no!” said Roe immediately.

“Is this it?” Corrie asked, perhaps a bit too excited for what they were probably expecting to be an explosion.

Chapter 33: Craft Fair

The craft fair was, to Edie’s disappointment, kind of small. That was what they got for not publicizing it to people who could join, she supposed. There were probably a dozen different tables, and only a couple of people shopping besides their group—but they were early, anyway. The tables were arranged in a horseshoe shape, and the five of them immediately headed for the right end of the horseshoe. Edie, excited despite her minor disappointment, was in the lead. She immediately started laughing and cooing when she saw what was on display: little dolls made out of thick clothespins.

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