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Chatoyant College

Chapter 20: Determined

Thursday, October 9

Chapter 19: Beauty Sleep

“Edie!” Corrie cried out loud, half in relief and half in anger. She’d just disappeared when they were walking back from dinner, and now she showed up here as if nothing was different? “Where have you been?”

Chapter 18: Again

“She’s missing again?” Roe exclaimed.

Corrie nodded unhappily. “And it’s worse this time. She was with us, walking back from dinner, and now she’s not.”

Roe grimaced. “At least it’s not raining now. Do you think she’s gone off to the woods with Leila again?”

Corrie shook her head, trying to think of how to explain. Dawn asked, “Can we come in?”

“Oh, sure.” Roe held the door for them to come in. “Talia’s not here, you can sit on her chair if you want.”

Chapter 17: Looking for Edie

Corrie turned swiftly, her heart hammering in her chest. But it was just Lorelei, grinning at them. Her smile faded as all three of them turned. “What’s wrong? Aren’t you guys coming to Rainbow Alliance?”

“Shit,” said Corrie. “No, I guess we’re not coming tonight.” She looked at Dawn, who shook her head. Corrie hadn’t realized how late it had gotten, but it didn’t really matter; looking for Edie was more important than any club.

“Really?” Lorelei frowned with disappointment. “But we’re starting plans for World AIDS Day today. I thought you were interested in that.”

Chapter 16: In a Hurry

The three of them finally turned and walked down the hallway, Corrie taking the lead and setting the pace. She was willing herself not to run, since she knew Dawn and Rico wouldn’t be able to keep up with her, but she was afraid that even with the faerie’s help they still wouldn’t find Edie.

Chapter 15: Lost Objects

“Not entirely in this world?” Corrie cried. “Does that mean she’s dying?”

“Dying? No,” said the old faerie woman, looking genuinely surprised. “I can see into death, and she is not there.”

Corrie took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. Not dying was good. But then what could the problem be? “Is that… normal? When you look for people?”

Chapter 14: In This World

Corrie stood staring at the door that had just shut behind the old faerie woman. The dust had shaken off of the doorknob. After a few heartbeats of silence, she decided that nothing was going to happen—at least for now—and turned to Dawn and Rico, who were also staring at the door.

“Did you see the same thing I did?” Dawn asked a little shakily.

Corrie nodded. “I think so. I even tried my clover on her. A short, old faerie woman, right?”

“And she was naked,” said Rico with a nod and a grimace.

Chapter 13: Would Have Turned Him to a Tree

Edie was momentarily dizzy as she stood up, the blood rushing through her head suddenly. But she regained her balance quickly and followed Leila to the tree that her girlfriend led her to. “Are we doing this… whatever we’re doing,” she giggled, “to all the trees?”

Leila shook her head, pulling herself down again, and Edith down with her. “No, only certain trees are being attacked. It affects the whole orchard, of course, but it’s more important to protect them at the source.”

“They’re being attacked? Really? Who would attack trees?”

“My enemies,” Leila said shortly.

Chapter 12: Doors

“We’d better try all of them,” said Corrie. “Maybe none of them are there but it’s worth a try, right?”

“Absolutely,” said Rico. “We’ll move down the hall. You knock on one door, we’ll knock on the one across from it. We could probably use the help even if two of them answer at once.”

“Good plan.” Corrie moved down to the next door. It had a small plaque on it that read “Virginia Agnew.” It was dark, but she knocked, and as she’d mostly expected, there was no answer.

Chapter 11: The Orchard

Edie realized what time it was as she and her friends were walking back to the dorm from dinner. She was going to be late meeting Leila! She tried to say something, but they were busy talking about the rain (which was, in fact, annoying, but she had a hooded jacket on so at least it wasn’t falling on her hair). And they wanted to get back inside. So she just turned away, peeling off from the group and towards the environmentalist co-op.

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