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Chatoyant College

Chapter 27: Obfuscating

Dawn sighed in frustration. Tom was being extremely obfuscating. Still… she’d gotten more information out of him than she had from anyone else, even Professor Lal, who was supposed to be there to help her. So it was worth continuing to talk to him. Until she had to run back to class, of course. “Fine. Do you have an actual reason for not telling me why so many faeries live around here?”

“Do I have a reason for anything?”

She shook her head. “Probably not. Okay, new question. Do you know a faerie called Leila?”

Chapter 26: Privacy

Unfortunately, there weren’t too many private areas on campus, unless they walked all the way back to the dorms, which Corrie didn’t want to do—they had planned to get lunch and she was starting to get hungry. She wanted to keep her explanations quick.

Chapter 25: Lead the Way

Leila just smiled at Corrie, her expression calm, seeming to not feel any discomfort from being slammed up against the wall. “You see? You can’t even control your emotions. Useless.”

“If you think we’re so useless, what are you doing with Edie? Why don’t you just let her go?” Corrie kept her hands on Leila’s shoulders, her arm muscles straining to hold the faerie in place. She was too angry at Leila’s contemptuous treatment to do anything else. How could she say that humans were useless?

Leila’s smile widened. “Ah, you see, Edith is not human.”

Chapter 24: Everything I Want

As Corrie was leaving the science building after a long and brain-numbing biology class, she spotted a familiar face in the crowd that was trying to simultaneously enter and leave the building. Paul smiled when he saw her, but immediately started moving away. He wasn’t so close that he was forced to by the spell, so that meant he was actually trying to keep away from her. Good. Trouble with him was the last thing she needed. She kept forgetting to talk to Payton and Elena to get the spell taken off him, but maybe it was better to leave it on for now.

Chapter 23: Special

Dawn shook her head in frustration. This wasn’t getting anywhere. Then again, she had no reason to expect conversations with faeries to go much of anywhere, and at least she understood why Pru had never warned her. “Did she ever even meet other faeries?”

“Oh, of course,” Tom said. “Chancy, who taught her magic, and a few other teachers and students. I assume you know all about that.”

“I see plenty of faeries, yes. If you had something that would give people the Sight, why didn’t you ever let her have it?”

Chapter 22: Tom

The strange faerie lost his grin and his eyes narrowed with intensity. “I know only who you say you are. Your name is Dawn and you are related to Prudence Carroll.”

“That’s right.”

“But why should that mean anything to anyone here?”

“You wouldn’t have stopped to talk to me if it didn’t.” She was sure she had the right person, but he was acting awfully dense. Or maybe he really was this dense.

“Prudence Carroll was a student here. Many, many years ago. I obviously didn’t know her.”

Chapter 21: Infamous

Dawn was tired after her morning classes, but she usually was on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Still, she had a plan, and she was going to stick to it. It might not be a very good plan… but she was going to follow it anyway.

Chapter 20: Determined

Thursday, October 9

Chapter 19: Beauty Sleep

“Edie!” Corrie cried out loud, half in relief and half in anger. She’d just disappeared when they were walking back from dinner, and now she showed up here as if nothing was different? “Where have you been?”

Chapter 18: Again

“She’s missing again?” Roe exclaimed.

Corrie nodded unhappily. “And it’s worse this time. She was with us, walking back from dinner, and now she’s not.”

Roe grimaced. “At least it’s not raining now. Do you think she’s gone off to the woods with Leila again?”

Corrie shook her head, trying to think of how to explain. Dawn asked, “Can we come in?”

“Oh, sure.” Roe held the door for them to come in. “Talia’s not here, you can sit on her chair if you want.”

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