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Chatoyant College

Chapter 19: Evening Snow

Edie paused just long enough to grab her coat, which was hung on a hook in the theater lobby, before rushing out of the building. She wanted to put as much space as possible between her and Chris. Her hands were still shaking.

Chapter 18: Gossip

“So I told her,” said Genesis, “if that’s how you use a hammer when you’re building sets, I feel sorry for your boyfriend!” The rest of the room exploded with laugher. Edie smiled tentatively, unable to muster even a forced smile in the mood she was in, and took a sip of her soda to cover her lack of mirth.

Chapter 17: The Book

Corrie spent her history class thinking about her magic class—she’d been doing that a lot lately, and this time it worked out, since Professor Drehmer (she still wasn’t sure how she felt about him) didn’t call on her. She didn’t think she’d be able to answer any questions unless they were about floods.

Chapter 16: Dry

Of course, only those closest to Corrie noticed that the water had stopped. The rest of the classroom was still flooding slowly—in fact, Dawn saw as she considered and rejected the idea of getting down from her seat, the water had gone up to several inches on the floor and was still moving. People in the rest of the room were still shrieking and making noises of disgust, and Dawn could hear chairs moving around and footsteps on the hollow-sounding wood as people followed her example.

Chapter 15: Buckets

Monday, November 10

Dawn was quiet and sleepy all through breakfast and coming to class on Monday morning. She’d been up later than she intended to reading the Miranda Swick book—of course, the fact that she’d ended up spending a couple of hours with Rico before even beginning her homework hadn’t helped. (It had been worth it, though. With their workloads increasing as the semester went on, time with Rico was harder and harder to come by.)

Chapter 14: Trustworthy

“Is that safe?” Annie asked. Her eyes were wide, but she was chewing on her lower lip in a thoughtful fashion. She didn’t look opposed to the idea of learning directly from the book, just nervous.

“I don’t see why not,” said Corrie.

“But we have to use this magically shielded equipment, and Professor Rook has to be around in case of injury,” said Rico. “If we’re hiding this from them, we can’t use their equipment or their healing.”

Chapter 13: The Practical Use of Magic

Dawn left the library late that evening—technically afternoon, perhaps, but now that it was November and Daylight Saving Time had ended, the sun had set before she completed her shift—having checked out the Miranda Swick book. She hurried along the paths, partly because it was really quite cold, and partly because she was excited to show the book to Corrie and Roe. It looked like it had some interesting information, and she wasn’t quite sure what to make of all of it.

Chapter 12: The Magic Section

Sunday, November 9

Dawn went to the library a few hours before she had to start work. Jerry had spent the night—again—and while he was a nice enough guy, neither he nor Naomi seemed to have any sense of modesty when he was around. They were still asleep in bed when Dawn left, and that was the way she wanted it. Besides, she needed the time for research; she had a major project to work on for her psychology class, and while it wasn’t a complex enough project that she was worried about finishing it on time, it did take some research.

Chapter 11: Enhancement

“So does that mean that Feloc and Belara have made it easier for us to do magic?” Corrie asked.

“I don’t think they have increased the ambient magic that much, at least not yet. I certainly have not noticed that it is any easier to do magic, nor have my advanced classes. And I am quite certain that is not a side effect they would wish for. In fact, when I speak to them, I may suggest that as a reason to reverse what they are doing…”

“You’re going to talk to them about it?” Dawn asked, alarmed. “Is that a good idea? Wouldn’t it be better if they don’t know you know what they’re doing?”

Chapter 10: Ambient Magic

“What is it?” Dawn asked immediately, reaching for the origami dragon as Professor Lal handed them back the things they’d brought her to inspect. It was, happily, quite intact, not even a wing bent, but her fingers tingled slightly when she touched it. She looked it over again, but it didn’t look magical. Not that she would be able to tell.

“It’s not something we did, is it?” asked Corrie, adjusting the posters in the crook of her arm.

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