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Chatoyant College

Chapter 50: Sensing the Magic

Of course, it took Dawn no time at all to slip into trance, though she was trying to pace herself along with the directions and not look like she was too much ahead of the rest of the class. Evidently practice did make things easier.

She waited a few moments, though she was aware with her mental senses of the magic around her, before opening her eyes.

Chapter 49: Trance

Friday, November 21

Dawn had no idea how to feel about today’s magic class. So she didn’t think about it. She kept talking to Corrie and Roe about their plans for the Thanksgiving holiday until Professor Lal walked into class.

Chapter 48: Outside Sources

They kept working on their magic. By the time they were thoroughly chilled and ready to go home, Edie had made a pool of a rather respectable size, Dawn had managed a twig that kept its shape, and Corrie had started her own metalwork practice. She was making all different shapes out of iron, including knives and something like a morningstar, with a long handle to grip. They weren’t pretty, but they would be extremely useful against faeries if they had to fight. And Corrie was pretty sure she could create iron at will now. Dawn was going to have to experiment with that herself.

Chapter 47: Magic in the Trees

Thursday, November 20

It was unusually warm for November—over fifty degrees out, and all the snow had already melted. Edie wasn’t doing anything that evening and had suggested the three of them go out and try trance magic again, which was why they were bundled up (but not too bundled up) and walking away from Gilkey, towards the environmental co-op’s orchard.

Chapter 46: Growth

Dawn kind of wanted to show off her sprout, which quit growing once she’d stopped focusing so hard on it, but was a respectable several inches long. But Roe was still staring stubbornly at her sunflower seed, and the guy on the other side of her had a beanstalk growing and growing, so there wasn’t much to show off to him. Dawn leaned over and tried to see what Corrie was doing, and was concerned for a moment that she didn’t seem to have a sprout—but Corrie had both created and sprouted a bean on Monday, so she was probably okay.

Chapter 45: Sprout

Wednesday, November 19

Dawn hadn’t used trance magic since Saturday, when she’d managed to keep it under control. She wanted to experiment more and see if it would make her tired, like it had before, but she hadn’t had much chance to practice, and anyway she suspected that it would only make her tired if it went out of control, and there was no way to be safe letting that happen unless one of the magic professors was around. Professor Lal probably already suspected that she had been messing with other kinds of magic; she didn’t want to give her more evidence.

Chapter 44: Overdone

“Really?” Corrie glanced between the two of them. She still couldn’t see anything, of course. “How is it different?”

“Well, everyone else’s magic is in a particular spot in their bodies,” said Dawn. “Mine is in my head, and yours is in your stomach, and I’ve seen a few other people’s magic, and it’s in different places. All the natural stuff, the earth and the plants and everything, have magic all through them, but I haven’t seen anyone else… wait.” She frowned, her eyebrows scrunching together.

“What is it?” Edie asked.

Chapter 43: Indoor Magic

Corrie returned to her dorm room that afternoon, tired from a day of work and from slogging through the slush that was all that was left of Friday’s snow, to find Edie sitting on her bed and reading. “What have you got there?” she asked as she pulled off her coat, though she thought she knew the answer. It was an old leather book and the title was too faded and covered up by Edie’s hands to read. There couldn’t be too many books that fit that description.

“The Practical Use of Magic,” Edie said. “Dawn gave it to me the other day.”

Chapter 42: Feeding Magic

Corrie lifted the little bean with its tiny sprout, admiring her creation. At the same time, she released her magic. The plant began to droop almost immediately. Its little leaves shriveled, and the whole thing turned brown. Disappointed, she put it back down on her desk and looked around for Professor Lal. Unfortunately, the professor was helping someone else at the moment, so Corrie turned her attention back to her seed.

Chapter 41: Earth Magic

“Okay,” said Corrie. “I can do that.” She had suspected that Professor Lal meant her when she’d talked about people wanting an extra challenge. Anyway, class wasn’t even halfway through yet, and she’d already created a pile of sand. She could create something more.

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