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Chatoyant College

Chapter 25: Paulo's

Corrie, not giving herself a chance to talk herself out of it, called her father that very afternoon. He was delighted to hear from her and proposed that they go out for pizza to talk. She weighed her options, tried to make excuses about her friends expecting her for dinner and the Rainbow Alliance meeting that night, and then decided that they really were just excuses and accepted his invitation.

Chapter 24: Gases

Kira and Corrie spent the rest of the class—almost an hour—trading air magic and trying to test it. At first Corrie couldn’t tell the difference between Kira’s creation of regular air, oxygen, and ozone, but after testing each three times, she could discern subtle differences. She didn’t think she’d be able to tell without guidance which was which, but it was a start.

Chapter 23: Pinwheels

Corrie watched Professor Lal for a moment as she walked towards the windows and began opening the one at the front of the classroom. At least it was a nice day out—fairly warm for November, with no rain. Now she was glad the snow Edie had told her about Monday night hadn’t stuck around.

Chapter 22: Air Magic

Wednesday, November 12

Chapter 21: Grounding

Corrie tried again after biology, and then again in the evening. She didn’t want to admit failure—the women of her family did not fail happily—and she thought that maybe with practice she would get better. But she was sure she was doing well with the grounding aspect, and the looking outside herself aspect was so straightforward that she couldn’t believe she was missing something there.

Chapter 20: Spark of Life

Monday, November 11

Chapter 19: Evening Snow

Edie paused just long enough to grab her coat, which was hung on a hook in the theater lobby, before rushing out of the building. She wanted to put as much space as possible between her and Chris. Her hands were still shaking.

Chapter 18: Gossip

“So I told her,” said Genesis, “if that’s how you use a hammer when you’re building sets, I feel sorry for your boyfriend!” The rest of the room exploded with laugher. Edie smiled tentatively, unable to muster even a forced smile in the mood she was in, and took a sip of her soda to cover her lack of mirth.

Chapter 17: The Book

Corrie spent her history class thinking about her magic class—she’d been doing that a lot lately, and this time it worked out, since Professor Drehmer (she still wasn’t sure how she felt about him) didn’t call on her. She didn’t think she’d be able to answer any questions unless they were about floods.

Chapter 16: Dry

Of course, only those closest to Corrie noticed that the water had stopped. The rest of the classroom was still flooding slowly—in fact, Dawn saw as she considered and rejected the idea of getting down from her seat, the water had gone up to several inches on the floor and was still moving. People in the rest of the room were still shrieking and making noises of disgust, and Dawn could hear chairs moving around and footsteps on the hollow-sounding wood as people followed her example.

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