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Chatoyant College

Chapter 34: Globe

Nobody had much interest in the knitted potholders (as college students, they didn’t exactly use pots very often) so they walked to the next table, where a variety of different crafts were on display. “Oh, no!” said Roe immediately.

“Is this it?” Corrie asked, perhaps a bit too excited for what they were probably expecting to be an explosion.

Chapter 33: Craft Fair

The craft fair was, to Edie’s disappointment, kind of small. That was what they got for not publicizing it to people who could join, she supposed. There were probably a dozen different tables, and only a couple of people shopping besides their group—but they were early, anyway. The tables were arranged in a horseshoe shape, and the five of them immediately headed for the right end of the horseshoe. Edie, excited despite her minor disappointment, was in the lead. She immediately started laughing and cooing when she saw what was on display: little dolls made out of thick clothespins.

Chapter 32: Breakfast

Showered and refreshed and shoveling omelette into her mouth (she was more hungry than she had even realized), Edie felt much better, but listening to Corrie’s explanation still freaked her out. Not only had Dawn acted like she was high the night before, but Corrie had gone into the woods by herself and gotten way too close to the faerie ball. “So I don’t even know what to do,” she finished. “I kind of want to talk to Professor Lal, but I’m also kind of scared to, especially after seeing her at the ball. There aren’t that many faeries we trust.”

Chapter 31: Don't Tell Me

She didn’t have to go very far, not once she got out of the trees. In fact, she’d only gone a few more steps when she saw Corrie, passing her on the path. She called out and waved. Corrie turned so fast she almost fell over, then stopped and waved back, grinning. Edie caught up to her quickly. “It must be really early,” she said ruefully. “I’ve never been up early enough to see you in your running clothes before.”

Chapter 30: Cold Morning

Saturday, November 1

Edie woke up and, for a moment, she had no idea where she was. That scared her at first, because it had been happening too often lately, and if it was happening again, maybe there really was something wrong with her. But once she realized that the reason the light looked so odd was that it was coming through the trees instead of her window, and that the strange warmth next to her was actually Leila, she remembered what had happened last night and how she had gotten here, and she felt much better.

Chapter 29: Over the Wall

It was still dark, but at least Corrie could follow the wall. It couldn’t possibly go all the way around the campus, or they would have encountered it before. Certainly the one on the east side didn’t go all the way around, or she wouldn’t have been able to get to the street from the campus. She turned around and reached for the wall to guide herself with. It wasn’t there.

Chapter 28: ID

Her best hope, she decided, was to go up to the gate anyway and hope the guard there would let her in. With luck, it would be one of the guards she’d met. Before trying it, though, she re-did her ponytail and brushed bits of dirt and leaves off her clothes. There was nothing she could do about her shoes until she got back to her room, but at least she looked less like a disheveled drunk now.

Chapter 27: Escape

Corrie froze. The eyes were small, yellow, and animal-like. She didn’t recognize them, and she couldn’t see anything else; just leaves, all around. With a start, she realized that the rest of the tree was much more bare. Whatever she was looking at was covered in leaves. Hope rising in her thoughts, she took a step forward. Could it be Ever?

Chapter 26: Halloween Ball

Corrie felt all the blood rush to her face. For a moment she could do nothing but stare, astonished. Then she began to recognize others in the ballroom. Professor Strega. Professor Rook. Professor Shannon from the philosophy department. And, strangely enough, her history teacher, Professor Drehmer, dancing an elegant waltz with a black-haired woman nearly a foot taller than him.

Chapter 25: Rest and Relaxation

They brought Dawn back to her room with no trouble, Charlie carrying her. Once again, Corrie watched their path, and it was empty—though this time she did see a couple laughing, holding hands and running down the path from one dorm to another. At least they weren’t the only ones walking on the campus at all.

After Charlie had set Dawn back down on her bed and left, Corrie and Naomi wiped the makeup off her face, took her shoes off, and tucked her in as best they could. Corrie sighed, straightening up, then turned to Naomi. “Do you want me to stay here and help you keep an eye on her?”

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