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Chatoyant College

Chapter 29: Strange Feeling

Before anyone else came in to see Dawn, she heard running feet in the hallway—two sets of feet and one that sounded like strange scratching on the floor. She was just considering getting up and looking out when they stopped outside her door and Roe burst in. She grinned widely. “Oh good, they gave us the right room. I thought they were giving us the runaround since they didn’t want to tell us where you were at first.”

Chapter 28: The Hospital

The ambulances reached the gates seconds after Dawn, her friends, and the security guards did. The police arrived shortly after that, while they were loading Corrie onto a stretcher and into one of the ambulances. “He should come to the hospital and get dried off,” one of the EMTs, a youngish woman with a tight blonde ponytail, said to the police.

“Fine with me,” said the older cop with a nod. “As long as we can question him.”

“Don’t put him in the same ambulance with Corrie,” Dawn said.

“Of course not,” the EMT said, giving her a dirty look.

Chapter 27: Security

“Keep holding him, Edie,” Corrie said. Dawn couldn’t completely see what they were doing, since there was practically a wall of water between them, and it was taking all her strength just to keep enough water flowing to keep Paul down and confused. She just hoped that they were going to get the knife away from Paul soon.

Chapter 26: Tangle

“Oh my god!” Corrie screamed. She tried to run toward Dawn, but she was still in trance, and she fell. She tried to yank herself out of trance, pulling her consciousness up hard, but when she tried to stand she was dizzy, and she knew she’d done it wrong. “Dawn!” she cried. Edie was screaming, too.

Chapter 25: Release

When Corrie started to bring herself into trance, she realized that she was glad to have her friends there, even if she had argued that they didn’t need to come. Not that she expected an attack, but the faeries were obviously up to something weird, and if something happened while she was still in trance, she could be helpless. She couldn’t move while still in trance, not unless she wanted to fall down again, but Dawn and Edie could easily keep an eye out for her. It wasn’t likely that she’d need them, but it was better to have them there anyway.

Chapter 24: Dark Night

Corrie had to admit, if only to herself, that she was getting anxious as she pulled on warm clothing to go out to meet Paul. (Thankfully, it wasn’t too cold, and she’d be able to move her hands without mittens on.) She wasn’t really sure why. She knew Paul wasn’t going to hurt her. He was a really nice guy deep down, or they wouldn’t have dated in the first place. The only problem was that he’d gotten fixated on her. By now he might even have found a new girlfriend. The thought cheered her up slightly.

Chapter 23: Sinister Plans

“So if you’re already done your homework, what are your plans for the rest of the day?” Roe asked Corrie.

“Well, I should probably head to the library for research on my history term paper. But that’s boring, and it’s not due until the end of finals week, anyway.” Corrie shrugged. “Actually, I emailed Paul. We’re going to meet up later tonight—well, as close as we can get—and I’m going to try to take that stupid curse off him.”

“Paul?” Roe said. “Your stalker?”

Chapter 22: Swapping Stories

There were a few people in the hallway, but no Roe, so Corrie slipped past them to get to the end where Roe’s door was. She knocked, and it was answered quickly. “Corrie!” said Roe. “You’re back too?”

“Actually, I’ve been back for a few hours now,” Corrie said. “But it looks like right now is the time for everybody to show up.”

Roe leaned through the doorway, looked down the hall, and laughed. “I guess Edie and I just beat the rush. We met in the parking lot and walked up together.”

Chapter 21: Return

Sunday, November 30

Corrie arrived, late Sunday morning, to a quiet campus. After a busy—and early—Friday and Saturday working at the clothing store for their post-Thanksgiving sales, she’d decided to have a nice long sleep on Saturday night and then get back to school. She had too many things to do to stay at home.

Chapter 20: Refill

Corrie and Etta talked for the rest of the afternoon, and by the time her grandmother called everyone for dinner, Corrie had her cousin at least half convinced to go to Chatoyant College in a few years—which was especially impressive since Etta hadn’t even been sure she wanted to go to college when they started talking. She was still shy and quiet, but so were some of Corrie’s best friends, and she still felt that she’d done a lot of good by making Etta more comfortable.

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