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How to earn points
Categories of points
How to spend points
List of points rewards owed

How to Earn Points
You must be a registered member of the website to earn points. (If you try to register and have trouble, please email me at at'll get you set up.)

Once you're registered, it's easy to earn points. Every post you make, whether a comment on a story chapter, a comment on a blog post, or a post in the forum, earns you one point. Every dollar you donate, whether it's for a PDF copy of a book, for an extra update, or just to support the serial, earns you one point. Every time you use Twitter to tweet or retweet about Chatoyant College and use a hashtag I haven't used, you earn a point. If you have your own website and post a link to Chatoyant College from it, you earn five points.

Categories of Points
You may notice that there are two kinds of points: Fairy Gold and Dead Leaves. Fairy Gold is what a point is when you earn that. You can spend these points at any time for points rewards. Dead Leaves are what points turn into once you spend them. Dead Leaves cannot be spent. They're just there so you can see how many points you have accumulated over your time as a member of the site. Also, because the names are awesome.

The points listed on the sidebar is your total points. In order to see how much Fairy Gold you have to spend, you'll need to go into "my points," under your username.

How to Spend Points
You can request any reward as long as you have enough points. I will create art and write bonus stories in roughly the order in which they are requested; cameos will go wherever I can fit them; all other rewards should come immediately, or at least quickly. The points will turn from Fairy Gold to Dead Leaves when the reward is received (in the case of bonus stories, when they are written and posted).

This is the list of available points rewards and how much they cost:
Three promotional bookmarks - 20 points (and you have to give me your mailing address)
Art - 50 points
Character description - 75 points (includes stuff like eye color, hair color, family information)
Extra chapter update - 100 points
PDF book - 100 points
Bonus story - 150 points
Cameo - 500 points

List of Points Rewards Owed
MystycalMage - Art: a drawing of Corrie, Edie, and Dawn (50 points)
mjkj - A story about Evaline (150 points)

Comment here with your reward requests!


"Every time you use Twitter

"Every time you use Twitter to tweet or retweet about Chatoyant College and use a hashtag I haven't used, you earn a point."

What does "use a hashtag I haven't used" mean?

Twitter hashtags

You've seen hashtags used on Twitter, like #weblit and #reading (and I know you've used #Addergoole). People search for them to find things in those categories. I don't use any hashtags when the update announcements go up on Twitter (mostly because I can't figure out how to get back into the service I use and change the message). So if you add a hashtag people might search for, you get a point. That makes it a little more effort than just RTing and a better promotion as well.

You can also make your own tweet about Chatoyant College, but if there's no "@clarekrmiller" in it chances are I won't see it, so you'll have to email me about it or something.


We need to come up with a Chatoyant College hastag :P

I know

That would make it easier. But #ChatoyantCollege seems excessively long, and #CC is not informative enough. Any ideas?

How About

Just plain #Chatoyant ? I'd have thought that's unusual enough to stand out. (I've never used Twitter, so I don't know how these things work!)

It could work

Would you believe I actually didn't think of that?

Yay! Go Me!

Talking about things of which I know nothing, and actually having a useful contribution! *Feel the glowing pride* :P

Gratulations :)

Nice one - I do not know what I would have suggested... had the favor of the closer time zone :)


Out of curiousity...

When you (obliviously) get the points working as intended, is the Lifetime Total = Fairy Gold + Dead Leaves, or will Dead Leaves have the lifetime total, and Fairy Gold will be the points that are open to being used?

It is clearly a moot point for me (as I haven't made an account), but I was curious as to how the math would work out. Blame it on my 2 mathish classes I'm taking this semester. XD I'm seeing math everywhere!

Fairy Gold + Dead Leaves

Otherwise I would have to add one to Dead Leaves every time you earned a point (or, if I set it up so points automatically went into Dead Leaves, I'd have to add one to Fairy Gold). This way, I only have to move points when someone spends points.


Is this where we request things?
I now have 118 points to spend and am doubting between getting an extra update or a bonus story. Wanna vote?


I don't know, whichever you like!


you kind of have to write it, so I was thinking of the other people to vote... Or do you maybe have a good idea? :)


I am happy with any of that - so both? :-Þ



I think I only have enough points for one of those options right now. (but we could maybe double up - you take the one and I take the other?)


Apparently, I passed all of my midterms! Yay! (I'll have finals again in six weeks or so... oh dear.)
Anyway, I have something like 200 points to spend! Also yay!
So my question seems to be: Clare, are you very busy? Would you rather do a Saturday chapter or a Bonus story? :)

Nice :)

I hope you will master the finals also :D

...and yayy for extra stuff...

...need to check out what I have accumulated...



Congrats on the midterms and the points! :D I am pretty busy at the moment so if you request a bonus story it might be a few weeks... but a Saturday chapter might just mean that the hiatus between books will be longer, because we're getting fairly close to the end of this one and I haven't started writing the next one yet. So I guess you can choose!


Well, I guess I'll interpret that as: yes, you're really busy. :P I'll ask again after my finals ^^ (then it'll be like a reward!)


Sorry! But good luck on your finals!


Clare, how busy are you at the moment? I've got a couple of ideas for a bonus story but I'll hold off on asking for one if it'd be better for you.

I am not so busy

Ask away!

Bonus story ideas

I'll ask but, as FlowerGirl's ahead of me in the queue, I don't mind if you produce hers first.

If you're not already planning to include it in the main story I would like a bonus that would answer one or more of these questions:[1]

  • Why does Yedara feel separate from faerie society?
  • Why did she put a memory block on Edith (or her lovers in general)?
  • Why does she hang around with the theatre crowd (as opposed to any other group of faeries or humans)?

[1] I'm assuming that the answers are to be found in her past.


Those might be tricky. But I think I can answer at least one of them in a story! And I think the first one will be explained, at least somewhat, in Book 9.

Thank you

If you can do one of them in the story, I'll be happy.

Now I'm even more eager to read the rest of Book 9.

Question about book marks

I take it the 20 points is for postage within the US? How many points do I need to request bookmarks for postage to the UK?


Or to Germany :)

Or are those all same points?



I don't think I've ever sent any mail to Europe, but I don't think the postage would be any more than within the US. The bookmarks are basically just heavy, glossy paper. I would have to stuff quite a few into an envelope for them to weigh more than an ordinary letter or card.

I would need long envelopes for them, but I think I have those.

Postage rates

Every country I know of charges more for posting abroad. I just did a quick search and found this. Clicking on First Class Mail International gives this information. The Rules & Regulations section has strict rules on size and shape (e.g. you have to pay more if the length is not a certain proportion of the width).

Whilst I would love the stuff I don't want you to get any unpleasant surprises.

I hope this helps.


I've been wondering about that as well... you could just ask more points for those living out of the US. Or at least, I'd find it okay :P (somewhat reluctant to ask for them because they'd be expensive, at least in my imagination)


I guess I'll have to weigh the bookmarks? It's frustrating that the USPS website refuses to give you information for "mail a regular piece of mail." They make a lot of other things so easy...

Have any of you ever sent mail overseas?

Not from the US

I have sent mail overseas:

From UK to various countries
From Germany to the UK (on my Year Abroad)

I can't say it'll be the same from the US but, in my experience, a lightweight letter would be more expensive than inland but reasonably priced. However, the cost increases rapidly with weight and/or size.

It's hard to tell from the USPS website but, here (and in other countries I've been to), there's a distinction made between airmail and seamail. Airmail would take about a couple of days to a week or so and is more expensive. Seamail is cheaper but can take weeks or months.

{edit} There's a file with the different rates for Europe (link is marked First-Class Mail International - Groups 3-5 (Eastern Asia,
Europe, and Australia)


I don't know what that ".csv" filetype is but it's not readable when I open it in OpenOffice, which is what it opens in by default. It looks like it wants to be a spreadsheet but most stuff is in one column of cells.

I think airmail is the standard in the US. The country is big enough that plenty of mail in the Lower 48 probably gets sent that way--certainly it does for Alaska and Hawaii!

CSV files

CSV stands for Comma Separated Values and is a type of file specifically designed to work with multiple spreadsheet programs (and even non-spreadsheet programs and systems). I'm surprised that Open Office can't read it. It's basically a text file with commas between the different fields.

If you save it and open it in a text editor (e.g. Notepad) you'll see what I mean.

I'll just get the data and type it here.

All weights are in ounces. I'll take it to 7oz because I doubt the stuff will be heavier than that.


Max Weight, Price in dollars
1, 1.05
2, 1.92
3, 2.79
3.5, 3.66

Non-machinable surcharge (letters only): 0.20

1, 1.75
2, 2.53
3, 3.31
4, 4.09
5, 4.87
6, 5.65
7, 6.43

1, 3.00
2, 3.78
3, 4.56
4, 5.34
5, 6.12
6, 6.90
7, 7.68

There sure are a lot of commas

I tried opening it in TextEdit and it's still just a bunch of numbers with commas between them! Not separated into columns or anything in any readable way. So thank you for typing out the data. "Flats" appears to refer to oversized envelopes so "letters" should be the only one that's relevant for bookmark-mailing purposes.

I guess I still need to weigh them. Which is a pain, because that means either going to the post office (inconvenient, and only useful if I'm actually going to mail some) or using my kitchen scale, which is probably inaccurate as it was purchased to weigh kittens, not mail.


OpenOffice should be able to import the CSV-file correctly - you might need to offer additional information on the import process.


Additional Information

I did a quick search and found this.


I do know that international letters are more expensive - also in the States.

The cheapest letter from here to the States is about double price than the normal / EU based letters and go up for parcels to about eight or nine times the price...


Disney World

[quote=Clare K. R. Miller]Comment here with your reward requests![/quote]

Ok, :) I would like to ask for a bonus story (at your convenience):

I would like it to be about Dawn's visit to Disney World as stated here (see my comment here)...

-- of course only if you have not planned to feature that story and if it does not contain spoilers



I'll add it to my queue (I still have the one Francisco requested too--guess I should put them in the post). That does sound like a fun story to write.

Yayy :)

I am definitely looking forward to that story :)


Another marketing idea

As I'm close to getting a job I've started to look at things I need. I'm not sure how much demand there'll be for it but have you thought about making Chatoyant College mousepads?

Of course, lots of people like T-shirts.

I've vaguely considered swag

Mousepads hadn't occurred to me. But they have the same problem I considered with T-shirts: what would I actually put on them?


Fake diploma! :D


That could be fun!


Here are some of my ideas: a Chatoyant College logo, a picture of the college, a picture of some of the cast?

The hard part there... that they would require me to have money with which to commission print-resolution art.

Initial outlay

I should have taken that into account. It was just an idea.


I'd love to do that someday, but CC isn't exactly a big money-maker.

What to do...???

What should I do with 1000 points???

Well, as of this post (actually the end of this post...) I am still (exactly) 200 points away (if the bonus story owed is subtracted -- otherwise it is 50 points away), but at the moment I have no idea...


By the way I would like to request the bookmark bonus :D

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