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Chapter 22: Cheer Up

Corrie noticed that Edie seemed unusually quiet during their literature class. She wasn’t sure why it seemed weird to her; Edie was often quiet, especially during class, unless they got onto a topic that really interested her. Maybe it was because Edie wasn’t looking up from her notebook and meeting Corrie’s eyes during class as they often did. She was just staring down at her notebook, doodling when she wasn’t taking notes.

Chapter 21: Faerie Trances

Wednesday, January 19

The next day, after magic class, Edie pretended to have forgotten something and turned back, leaving Derwen and Darcy outside the classroom. It was a little risky, since she almost ran into Chris, but she managed to avoid her and get to the classroom while the professor was still packing up. She hung back until the rest of the room had emptied, then approached Ginny hesitantly.

“Professor?” she began. “I wanted to ask you a question.”

Chapter 20: Papers

Edie was quiet as they all ate their dinners, trying to decide what she wanted to do. Should she go and talk to some of the faeries who might help her? She could certainly get to the faerie court by herself, and if she said she was going back to the library to study some more, Corrie wouldn’t question her.

Upcoming hiatus

I'm going on vacation! I'll be in Vancouver from July 4-13, so there will be no update for the 7th, the 10th, or the 14th.

Feel free to write and post fanfic in my absence! ;)

It's also possible--even likely--that updates will be late or irregular for the rest of July, as I'm planning a move and my schedule will be completely out of whack.

Chapter 19: Thinking of Help

“You wouldn’t help me?” Edie asked quietly.

Derwen looked up again and frowned at her. “No, I wouldn’t, and I’ve just told you why.”

“But…” Edie pulled away. She’d been about to tell Derwen that Leila was in there and she needed help, but Derwen would probably just tell her the same thing that Professor Lal had: that she couldn’t go there and that Leila was probably safe. But it was impossible for Edie to believe that Leila was safe. She’d had a reason for leaving; she wouldn’t just take off with no explanation.

Chapter 18: Mixed Heritage

They did start to read, both of them finding the essay that was listed first on Professor Agnew’s syllabus, but before Edie had gotten three pages in, the door creaked open. Edie looked up, suddenly nervous, but it was just Dawn, leaning in through the open door and grinning at them.

“Hi, Dawn,” said Edie, relieved. “What’s up? I know you don’t want to study with us when you’ve already passed this class.” Derwen looked up and grinned at Dawn too.

Chapter 17: Secret Project

Edie’s French class that afternoon had a promising start; the teacher explained that though it was primarily a conversation class, they would also be spending some time translating texts from French to English, something Edie had been really interested in doing. There was nothing better than books, in her opinion, and books that she got to be involved with were even better.

Chapter 16: Busy Afternoon

Dawn and Rico split away from Roe at the fourth floor, waving to her and then heading to Rico’s room, which was empty—Duncan was in class. They sat down on Rico’s bed and he put his arm around Dawn’s shoulders, squeezing her close. “What time do you go to work?” he asked her.

“We have a couple hours,” she said, turning her head up to smile at him. “My shift starts at six. I figured we’d have an early dinner on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You don’t have a class now, do you?”

“No,” he said. “Not tonight.” He gave her a quick kiss. “You want to watch a movie?”

Chapter 15: Water Affinity

By the time the class session had ended, Dawn had managed to make water come out of her hands at the same time it independently appeared in the cup, which was definite progress as far as she was concerned. Rico had managed to make some water appear in the air, though it hadn’t landed directly in his saucepan.

Chapter 14: A Few Spills

As the rest of the class began to move, Dawn straightened her back and placed her hand over the top of her teacup. She connected to the magic inside her and concentrated on creating water. It poured from her hand and into the cup as soon as she’d had the thought, and she was able to shut it off as quickly as she wanted to, so it wouldn’t overflow the edges.

She and Rico looked at each other and grinned. He was still pouring water into his saucepan, but he shut the water off before it filled completely. “It does work much better here,” he said softly.

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