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I know that there have been technical problems and that real life sometimes gets in the way. That said, are you alright?

Chapter 10: Centered

The class shifted, removing their coats and hats as instructed. Corrie picked up her bag from where she’d placed it between her feet and put it behind the bench, leaning out of Roe’s way as she did the same. Then she settled herself, making her hips as even as she could and straightening her spine. It wasn’t a terribly comfortable position, probably because she wasn’t used to sitting up straight. She reminded herself that she was always careful to keep her spine straight when she was running. That seemed to help.

Chapter 9: Trance Class

Corrie left lunch with Edie excited to go to her new advanced magic class. She was looking forward to learning more about trance magic and was curious about her new professor. She’d heard a little from Roe about Professor Strega—she remembered Roe being nervous about her at first, but since she’d continued with the private lessons all semester, she must not have been that bad. Mostly, Corrie knew that Professor Strega was another faerie professor.

Chapter 8: Theater and the Library

The rest of the class went fairly well. Professor Moran didn’t seem to mind that Edie couldn’t narrow it down to one favorite book and listed three. She also didn’t assign them any huge essays the first day of class like Jasmine had, but she did assign them several chapters to read by Wednesday. Edie hoped she would have time to do it. She might have less time for leisure reading this semester.

Chapter 7: Literature

By the time Edie reached her Introduction to Literature classroom, in the next building, she was feeling a little more cheerful. Derwen definitely wasn’t finding excuses to avoid her now; maybe after they got through the readings the next night, she would be able to ask her questions about faeries.

Chapter 6: Calming the Thoughts

Edie had always been a fast reader, so it didn’t take her long to get through the short essay they had to read, which was about preparing the mind for magic—mostly learning how to calm the thoughts and be open to any outcome without being so relaxed as to permit undesirable outcomes to proceed unchecked. It had some more detail on how to do that, but Edie still wondered if she would really be able to. Even when she was trying to fall asleep, she tended to have lots of thoughts running through her head all the time. But if her friends could do it, she probably could, right?

Chapter 5: Professor Agnew

The projection Professor Agnew had turned on simply said the name of the class: Introduction to Magic: Theory and Practice. “Good morning, students,” said Professor Agnew, her voice carrying clearly in the quiet room. “Welcome to Introduction to Magic. If any of you have just now realized that you are in the wrong place, please exit quietly.” She waited a moment, but no one moved, and she nodded with apparent satisfaction. Edie was too far away to see her face clearly, but she seemed to be smiling.

Chapter 4: Derwen and Darcy

Monday, January 17

The next morning Edie didn’t need her alarm to wake her. She was excited about finally getting to her first magic class. It had been very silly of her not to sign up for magic classes her first semester at Chatoyant College. She’d thought it was a joke or something—that they weren’t really going to teach her to do anything that was outside the realm of the natural or the scientific, what she already knew. She had been very wrong.

Chapter 3: Dinner and Questions

Over the course of the afternoon, Roe, Darcy, Talia, and finally Derwen all arrived and came to say hello to the rest of them. Edie could have smacked herself when she saw Derwen. Of course—she didn’t need to worry about talking to any other faeries. Derwen would probably answer any questions she had, and she wouldn’t be offended or freaked out.

So when they headed off to dinner, Edie took Derwen aside and walked behind the rest of the group, talking quietly to her. “Can I ask you some questions about faeries?”

Chapter 2: Magic Classes

Edie started unpacking while Corrie went to get her second bag. When Corrie got back, she started unpacking too, and soon the place looked more like home—it was still oddly neat and clean, but that would be fixed soon enough.

A little while later, a knock came on the door, and Corrie opened it to reveal Dawn. The three of them greeted each other with excitement and exchanged hugs. “It’s good to be back,” said Dawn. “It was good to be home, but it’s good to be back, too. Is that weird?”

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