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Chapter 3: Help

Dawn had no response for a moment. That wasn’t at all what she had expected Professor Strega to say—that definitely wasn’t anything she would have expected any faerie, especially a professor, to say. Why would she want their help?

The answer came to her even as Corrie actually voiced it. “Why them?”

Chapter 2: Earth Energy

Professor Strega didn’t speak for the rest of the class. Evidently, she didn’t see any need to give them further instructions. Dawn just sat there, feeling the connection between her and the earth. She could tell that she would be able to extend it if she wanted, make it go deeper, but she was a little nervous to try. She remembered when she’d tried using this kind of magic to create wind and it had gotten out of her control. She didn’t want that to happen again, even if she wasn’t actually doing anything with the magic.

Chapter 1: Grounding

Monday, February 28

Dawn walked into Trance class and automatically stowed her bag and coat under the bench. Most of the other students, including Corrie and Rico, had stopped carrying bags to class at all, but she came directly from her History of Psychology class, so she didn’t have time to drop off her things. Professor Strega always had them put their things where they wouldn’t get in their way, so she’d gotten used to it.

Prologue: Questions

She spoke to him, before he was forced to leave. She asked him why.

All he had were excuses. He didn’t have any real reasons; he didn’t even know his reasons. But it was the excuses she was interested in. It was the excuses that told her his true feelings.

She found another to speak to; one who had left and then returned. She asked why she would have chosen such things. Her stories were interesting, but in a different way than she had originally anticipated.

Book 11

Book 11 starts Thursday

I'm pretty excited to write book 11! It's mostly full of stuff that I never planned to happen when I started Chatoyant College... and then there's stuff that I did plan, but I'm coming at from a different angle than I expected.

Book 10 complete

And with that, book 10 comes to an end.

Of course, there's still a lot more story to tell! I'll be taking a break of at least a week, and then the story will continue.

The question is, which story?

Please vote by commenting--would you like to see the rest of Pru's story, or go straight on to Chatoyant College Book 11 and save the story of Pru and Tom for later?

I want to write what you want to read! :D

Chapter 114: Last Answers

Edie was very relieved to see which door was open—it was Professor Lal’s.

Not that she was entirely thrilled about the prospect of talking to Professor Lal, of course. Ginny was much easier to talk to. But she thought Lal would be able to give them better answers, and even though she didn’t always like to explain things to them, she would at least understand why they were asking.

Corrie walked up and knocked on the open door. “Professor Lal, are you busy?”

Chapter 113: The Wrong Dorm

The meeting broke up noisily. Edie didn’t say anything. There was nothing she could say—certainly not anything she wanted to say in front of all these people. She grabbed hold of Corrie’s hand; Corrie squeezed, showing that she understood. Accompanied by Dawn, Derwen, and Rico, they made their way out. Edie thought she saw Charlie’s mouth moving, trying to talk to them, but she couldn’t hear him over the noise everyone else was making, and they already had momentum. Anyway, she didn’t particularly want to talk to him.

Chapter 112: Forbidden

Sunday, February 13

When Edie and Derwen had finished their Saturday afternoon study session, Edie tried to call Corrie to see if she wanted to have dinner, but her phone rang a few times and went to voicemail.

She tried not to be too concerned. Corrie was probably studying, too. Since she wasn’t starving, she suggested to Derwen that they head back to the dorm before going for dinner, which Derwen agreed to.

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