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Chapter 114: Following

Corrie hung out with Dawn for a while, then went back to the room with the history books to do some more work. She managed to write a little bit of her paper in between looking around for Sarah and checking her email. Naomi emailed her back, but said that she hadn’t seen Sarah.

Chapter 113: Reshelving

Corrie found the section of the library where her history topic—the English Restoration—was kept and took a couple of likely-looking books off the shelf. She was careful to look around the room as she carried them to a table without making it obvious that she was doing so. There were a few other people working in this part of the library, but none were in her particular history section (though she did recognize someone else from her history class, whose topic was apparently longer ago and a few shelves down), so she was able to find a table by herself.

The Ballad of Troy & Roe, Part 5

And the dinner went back to awkward silence. Roe ate her pasta and seafood, thinking as hard as she could about what else she and Troy could talk about, or even a followup to the last topic of conversation. Surely there was something interesting she could say about her magic classes. But she couldn’t concentrate. She kept thinking about Link sitting outside, or the homework she still had to get done that weekend, or anything but the guy sitting across from her.

Chapter 112: Stakeout

After working on their homework and having dinner, they gathered their friends to go to the library. Annie insisted on joining them, though the others argued against it. “If I see her, I’ll tell one of you,” she said. “I won’t interact with her at all and I’ll be careful so she doesn’t notice me.”

Chapter 111: Cotton Bag

Corrie picked up the sticker that had fallen down and dropped it in her trash can, then pondered whether she should put up a new sticker. It would be a good experiment, but she was a little afraid of having her emotions messed with again—she certainly didn’t like being anything other than cheerful all the time! She turned around and looked at Edie. “Do you still have that cloth bag you bought at the craft fair?”

“Hmm?” Edie looked up from her computer. “Yeah, of course. Why?”

mjkj's points story: The Disney Trip

Dawn was eight years old and she was getting the best birthday present she’d ever had. They were going to Disney World! She’d never been to Disney World before, but she loved Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and most of all, Tinker Bell.

“Do you think Tinker Bell will be there?” she asked her mom. “Can I take a picture with her?”

Her mom shook her head and laughed. “I’m not really sure, sweetie. But we have to leave to catch the plane in a couple of hours. Are you finished packing?”

“Not yet,” said Dawn.

“Do you want any help?”

Chapter 110: Increasing Magic

Corrie stared for a moment at the poster. She couldn’t see anything different about it… but she wondered if she would were she to go into trance. “Could something else have been raising the magic level on campus to reverse what you did?” she asked. “I mean, could this be a natural process or something?”

“No, it is certainly not natural,” said Professor Lal. “But something, or someone, may be raising the level again.”

“Who could do that?” Roe asked. “It doesn’t sound like something the average student could manage.”

Bonus stories approach!

I've written my one extant bonus story request, and also decided to finally finish the Troy and Roe date story. So look for those updates on Saturdays--the next three Saturdays will have bonus stories! Yay!

Chapter 109: Astrology

When Professor Lal came in, she clearly noticed the poster; she glanced at it and pursed her lips, but then she started the class like usual. Today’s topic was astrology, and she handed around copies of a star chart with the twelve astrological constellations clearly delineated, then copies of another chart showing the different astrological signs, the planets, and the “houses” that they could be in.

Chapter 108: Off Studying

Friday, December 5

In the morning, Annie unlocked her door and Corrie collected the poster for her. Annie seemed to have slept well enough considering she was in a sleeping bag on the floor in the same room as her crush, but Corrie decided not to ask her about it. She just told her she would take the poster to Professor Lal and find out what was going on with it.

Once she had the poster, she and Dawn knocked on Roe’s door, and then Corrie took out her phone to call Edie.

“What’s up?” Dawn asked, nodding toward the phone.

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