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Chapter 29: Plans & Agreements

Edie had finished her homework, so after dinner that night, she headed back to her room with Corrie and sat down on her bed to read. She’d gotten some of the books on faeries out of the library, making sure to do it before Derwen arrived so she wouldn’t see it. Dawn could probably see her records in the library system if she wanted to, but Edie thought it was unlikely that she would try. And she kept the cover hidden from Corrie—not that she was likely to be able to read it from across the room, since it was such an old book that the title was almost the same color as the binding.

Chapter 28: Psychological

Almost as soon as Edie, Corrie, and Derwen had agreed to go look for Edie’s great-grandmother that weekend, Roe appeared at the end of the table and asked to sit down, and since Edie didn’t want to discuss the plan with too many other people, she changed the subject to how their magic classes were going.

Chapter 27: Ethics

For art class that day, they were practicing shading. The professor put a wooden ball in the center of each of the large tables they were using and shone a bright light from an angle. Then he told them to draw the ball, but not just to make a circle with their pencils or charcoal—they were to build it up by just showing where the shadow was and leaving the light areas white.

Chapter 26: Many Strengths

“So what class is it that you’re off to now?” Roe asked Corrie.

“It doesn’t start right away, but I have my art class,” Corrie said. “Design Fundamentals. Naomi said it was boring, but I’m finding it pretty fun so far. Maybe a little repetitive, but I don’t mind. I’m learning stuff I didn’t really know anything about. No one in my family has been artistic, really.”

“Well, it’s cool that you get to do that, then,” said Roe. “I’m going to head back to Gilkey. You coming?”

“Nah, I’ll just stick around here,” Corrie said. “See you at dinner.”

Chapter 25: Bending Spoons

Corrie stared at the spoon, a little nervous. Professor Rook hadn’t given them any specific instructions. But if it was all mental power, then all she had to do was think and make it work, right? If she even had the ability. Suddenly she was doubting herself, because she wasn’t sure where to begin.

Chapter 24: Telekinesis

Thursday, January 20

Chapter 23: Edie's Mood

It was strange how absorbing trance class was. If Corrie thought about it, it was basically sitting quietly for an hour, trying to keep the same posture. It wasn’t active, and there wasn’t much to try for except being in one place for as long as possible. But the class seemed to go by even more quickly than it had on Monday.

Chapter 22: Cheer Up

Corrie noticed that Edie seemed unusually quiet during their literature class. She wasn’t sure why it seemed weird to her; Edie was often quiet, especially during class, unless they got onto a topic that really interested her. Maybe it was because Edie wasn’t looking up from her notebook and meeting Corrie’s eyes during class as they often did. She was just staring down at her notebook, doodling when she wasn’t taking notes.

Chapter 21: Faerie Trances

Wednesday, January 19

The next day, after magic class, Edie pretended to have forgotten something and turned back, leaving Derwen and Darcy outside the classroom. It was a little risky, since she almost ran into Chris, but she managed to avoid her and get to the classroom while the professor was still packing up. She hung back until the rest of the room had emptied, then approached Ginny hesitantly.

“Professor?” she began. “I wanted to ask you a question.”

Chapter 20: Papers

Edie was quiet as they all ate their dinners, trying to decide what she wanted to do. Should she go and talk to some of the faeries who might help her? She could certainly get to the faerie court by herself, and if she said she was going back to the library to study some more, Corrie wouldn’t question her.

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