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Chapter 88: Tree Testing

This time they didn’t get lost. It only took a few minutes to reach Leila’s tree, even with a few slight detours to get around tree trunks and underbrush. And Edie felt relieved when they came close and she began to recognize the plants around the tree. She might have gotten lost, but at least she hadn’t completely forgotten the area.

Chapter 87: Tree Hunting

“Should we investigate the court faeries first?” Roe asked as they walked into the woods, Edie in the lead. “Maybe find Ever? She should be able to tell us something, even though she didn’t say anything about Leila in her note.”

Edie shook her head. “I don’t think we should talk to her until we have to. We don’t want to get her in trouble, after all, and there’s the alarm. We have to be careful not to set that off.”

“So where are we going?” asked Naomi.

“Leila’s tree, right?” Corrie asked.

Chapter 86: Hairs

A few hours after their meeting with Professor Lal, Edie, Corrie, and Dawn met their other friends for dinner. They gathered everyone together and explained as concisely as they could what had happened and what they wanted to do. Edie didn’t talk much. Her head didn’t really hurt anymore, but it was as though she could feel the ghost of the headache, or the remnants of the barriers in her mind.

Chapter 85: Natural Breakdown

“May I check for more memory blocks?” Professor Lal asks. “If you can tell they are there, perhaps I will be able to as well.” Dawn marveled that she actually sounded concerned.

“Yes,” said Edie. “Please. If there’s anything else…” She took a deep breath. “I want to know.”

Dawn gave her an encouraging nod. Obviously she didn’t like thinking about what might be hiding under there, but she knew it might be important. Professor Lal touched Edie’s head again, and Edie first tensed, then relaxed.

“Is there anything else?” Corrie asked anxiously.

Upcoming hiatus

I'm going on vacation to Israel! It's very exciting. However, I don't know how much time I'm going to have to write or how often I'll be able to get on the internet, so I'll be taking a break from posting. Luckily, it's a short one.

There will be a chapter tomorrow (April 4). Then the next Monday, Thursday, and Monday again will have no chapter. However, there will be new chapters again starting Thursday, April 18th.

Sorry (mostly) to leave you hanging in such an exciting spot in the story!

Chapter 84: Old Memories

“Of course I would have,” said Edie. She smiled weakly. “I almost felt left out. You’re half werewolf, Dawn has the Sight, Roe has her visions. I felt sort of left out having nothing special about me.”

“You’d be special even if you weren’t part faerie,” Dawn said firmly, feeling guilty that Edie had ever felt left out of anything. “But it is interesting that the four of us came together, when we all have something supernaturally different about us.”

“Not all of our friends do,” said Roe. “At least, I don’t think Annie or Naomi are anything other than straightforward humans.”

Chapter 83: Memory Block

Edie shook her head, but it seemed to continue into the rest of her body, in a shudder. “I’m not sure.”

Professor Lal looked up at her, frowning. “I am not entirely sure this is natural.”

“What?” Corrie gasped, looking at the professor. “You mean someone is doing this to her?”

“Perhaps.” Professor Lal stood up. “Edie, do you mind if I touch your head?”

“Will it hurt?” Edie asked in a voice so small Dawn felt a pang of fear.

Chapter 82: The Music Stopped

Once Edie had closed the door, they all moved closer. Dawn thought it felt like a secret meeting—which of course, in a sense, it was. Professor Lal’s dim office lighting didn’t help with the mysterious feeling, either.

Chapter 81: Meeting

Thursday, December 4

Dawn showered and dressed the next morning as usual, then checked her email, as she generally did before breakfast—it hadn’t snowed after all, so classes probably weren’t canceled, but there were sometimes useful announcements before classes started. This time there was: an email from Professor Lal. It simply read “Come see me during my office hours” and had the hours for that day listed.

When she met up with her friends for breakfast, she asked them if they’d also gotten emails from Professor Lal. Corrie nodded. “She must have heard from Ever.”

Chapter 80: Birthday

Corrie shook her head, making the pom-pom on top of her hat bounce. “No, I haven’t told her about that. I let her say ‘I told you so’ about Paul so I wouldn’t have to.” She smiled weakly. “I didn’t want her to know. You understand.”

“Of course,” Dawn said, nodding. They hadn’t told most of their friends about the faeries because they were confident that knowing about them put people in more danger. Dawn hadn’t been able to keep the knowledge from her aunt, but they hadn’t told her parents.

“What did you tell her about Paul attacking you?” Edie asked.

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