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Chapter 123: Bargain

“You cannot stop me,” said Mardalan, pursing her lips at Corrie.

Corrie shook her head quickly. “I wouldn’t dream of even trying. But I have an idea that might be more interesting.”

“All right, go ahead,” said Mardalan, waving a hand at her.

Chapter 122: Trade

Corrie heard a thump and looked up to see Mardalan dropping Belara’s body to the ground. It lay prone. Corrie wondered if she was really dead and decided not to bother asking.

“Your new queen will make sure you all get what you want,” Mardalan shouted to the crowd, which was now cheering. “Every one of you. Life will be easy, it will be comfortable, and it will be happy.” She raised her arms in apparent triumph, then gestured. “Just a taste of what’s ahead.”

Chapter 121: Greater Good

“How dare you!” cried Feloc. His voice didn’t seem to be a bit diminished by the fact that Corrie’s weight should have been compressing his lungs. “Humans! Traitors!” He struggled, but it wasn’t nearly enough to dislodge them. He could still turn his head, though, and he did, looking at the crowd. “Help me! Protect your king!”

Chapter 120: The Killing

Corrie was stunned. That explained why the magic had been coming back into the things they’d bought on campus. These faeries were actively working to bring it back. And now she feared that she couldn’t even trust her own emotions. She’d checked her poster that morning, but maybe something had changed since then. Or maybe it had somehow picked up a new sticker, or was changing her emotions without the sticker. She didn’t know what it could be doing. She resolved that, if she got out of this, she was going to burn the poster. There was no point in risking it.

Chapter 119: Clever

Corrie stared at the faerie rulers. All her other questions had gone out of her head. They’d been planning this for… years? But what exactly had they been planning? And, perhaps more importantly, had they succeeded? Because whatever their plans were, if hurting Dawn and screwing up their magic with bad information was only part of it, it couldn’t be good news.

Dawn managed to ask first. “But what have you been planning? What’s the purpose of all this?”

Belara looked at Feloc. “Shall we tell them?”

“We might as well,” said Feloc. “They’re not going anywhere.”

Chapter 118: Planning

Corrie gasped, staring at Ever, unable at first to think of anything to say. What was she doing here, being a prisoner of Feloc and Belara? Hadn’t she been careful? The alarm hadn’t even gone off.

“Ever!” cried Edie. “Are you okay? What happened?”

“How did they find out?” Corrie echoed her.

Ever pressed her lips together and stayed silent. Feloc laughed. “Stupid humans and human-loving faeries. Did you really think we had no idea what she was doing? No, we were just waiting to see what you would do.”

Chapter 117: Prisoners

Corrie felt all the blood drain from her face. Siffyd must have known that they were following her. But how? She didn't dare ask. She didn't even know what Feloc and Belara wanted of them--were they going to interrogate them? Keep them in a cage, like where she could see Mardalan just behind them? Try to kill them? She tried to swallow, but her throat was too dry.

All she could think to do was try to force her captors to let her go. "You can't do this," she said. "The... the agreement. You're not allowed to cause harm to humans, remember?"

Chapter 116: Capture

Corrie rubbed at her wrist—it stung, though not as much as she would have thought after having a metal bracelet pulled off of it. She turned and held up her wrist to show her friends. “He stole my bracelet.”

Edie stared at her arm, even reaching out to touch where it was red. “How did he do that? He shouldn’t be able to touch it, should he?”

Corrie shook her head. “I didn’t think so.”

“Maybe some faeries are less sensitive to iron than others,” said Naomi. “Or maybe it’s because it’s stainless steel, not pure iron?”

“That’s never made a difference before,” said Dawn.

No Thursday chapter

Sorry about this :( But my pet rabbit died this morning, and I don't have enough concentration left to write a chapter. Hopefully I'll be bale to make it up to you later.

Chapter 115: Meetings

It was surprisingly easy to follow Siffyd. She didn’t look behind her, and she went exactly where Corrie had expected her to go—crossed the campus and went into the woods, aiming straight for the faerie court. Corrie hurried to get closer to her when they crossed into the trees, afraid to let her out of sight, even though she knew they couldn’t get too close. She glanced back frequently to make sure her friends were still with her.

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