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Chapter 60: Sneaking

Before they left, Edie secretly dropped her folder on the floor behind the beanbag chair, where Derwen wouldn’t notice it and she could pretend she hadn’t seen it, either. If it was true that no one came to the library on Saturday nights, then no one else would come here and find it, so she would have an excuse to go back.

Chapter 59: Saturday Studying

Edie didn’t know when Derwen would get back, so as soon as she and Corrie returned, she had a quick snack, gathered up her things, and went right back out to the library. Corrie wasn’t saying much, which Edie was grateful for; she was more disappointed than she’d expected to be about not finding her great-grandmother.

No Thursday chapter

I've managed to burn the tips of my fingers, and this makes it much too difficult to type, so there won't be a chapter this Thursday. I tried to write it using dictation software, but it just wasn't coming out right. Apparently I type faster than I talk, and I know my talking can't keep up with my thoughts. Sorry about that!

Chapter 58: Family Resemblance

Of course, Corrie had seen faeries before who just happened to look like humans—her history teacher from last semester, Professor Drehmer, was one of them. But would Edie’s great-grandmother have been one of them? It certainly wasn’t impossible. Maybe looking like a human had made her want to get involved with the humans more than most faeries.

Chapter 57: Mrs. O'Keefe

Corrie led the way, picking one of the houses on either side at random. Edie and Derwen seemed uncertain, so she figured she should be in charge while she knew what was going on. She marched up to the door, almost knocked, then saw the doorbell and rang it. She heard the chime inside, followed by the sound of unhurried footsteps. She turned to Edie and Derwen, standing on the steps behind her, and gave them an encouraging smile.

A young man with dark hair and a dusting of stubble answered the door. “Can I help you?” he asked, smiling at Corrie.

Chapter 56: Old Memories

“What do you mean, she never died?” Edie asked in a hushed voice. She inched closer to Rachel, staring at her as though looking more closely would get her clearer answers.

“Oh, no,” whispered Mona. She covered her mouth when Corrie looked at her. “I’m sorry,” she said through her fingers. “She forgets—but it doesn’t do any good to argue with her about it, not when her mind isn’t working. Don’t worry about it, Edith.”

But Edie was obviously not worried about it. She was excited. She wanted more explanations, not argument. And Corrie wanted to hear more, as well.

Chapter 55: Rachel Jaffe

After they’d been walking around in the park for a few minutes, a voice came from behind them. “Hey, guys.”

Corrie spun around to see Derwen just standing there—not anywhere near any of the groves of trees. And she hadn’t been there a moment ago. “How long have you been here?” she asked.

“Just got here,” said Derwen. “Lal wanted to wait until she could pinpoint you two, instead of sending me to a random location in the park.”

I'm going on a road trip!

This is a pretty spontaneous trip, so I haven't had time to prepare much! But I do have time to tell you that there will most likely be no new chapters of Chatoyant College this week, Monday the 17th or Thursday the 20th. I'll try to write in the car (I won't be driving), but I don't know how much opportunity I'll have for wi-fi.

ETA: Monday's chapter is up!

Chapter 54: Synagogue

The synagogue was hushed with quiet, and Corrie could tell it was a pleasant place as soon as she walked in. It had good energy, somehow. It made her feel immediately hopeful that they would be able to find help here.

“I don’t hear anything,” Edie whispered. “Services must be over. That’s good. Let’s find the rabbi’s office.”

Chapter 53: Road Trip

“Okay,” said Corrie, shaking her head slightly to clear it. “I think we should get going if we want to have any time to talk to people. Did you change your mind yet?”

Derwen smiled. “You were nice enough to bring me soup, so I guess so. I’m not looking forward to it, though. Where are we going? The town has a park, right?”

“There’s a park nearby,” said Edie. “You want us to meet you there?” She named the park.

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