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Chapter 15: A Successful Vision

That evening, Edie headed into the dining hall alone, but she’d barely walked in when she saw Roe, excitedly waving to her from a table. She grinned and waved back, then made her way over to the table, where Corrie, Dawn, Derwen, and Annie were also sitting.

“Come sit down,” said Roe eagerly. “I was just about to tell Derwen about the vision I had of her, but since you were in it, too, I’m glad you showed up.”

Chapter 14: A New Scene

The professor had them sit back in their circle and passed out scripts of a few pages each. Edie looked down at hers. It read, “The Clouds and the Sky: Act 2, Scene 1.” The girl sitting next to her had a different one—“Underneath It All: Act 1, Scene 3.”

These must be the plays from the playwriting class, which the professor had told them they would be performing at the end of the semester. She’d never heard of these titles before, and if that was the case, it would explain why they had scenes from two different plays. Not to mention that they were out of context.

Chapter 13: Bad Actor

Wednesday, March 2

Edie had to put the book away in order to walk from lunch to her theater class. She’d been reading in almost every spare moment since Dawn had brought her the three books last night. It was nice to have a book that engrossed her again, since she’d finished reading all of the books that Corrie’s mom had loaned her.

Chapter 12: Library Powers

Finally they all finished eating and headed back toward Gilkey. It was another frosty night, and Edie wondered if it would snow again. She hoped not—she was getting sick of the cold and the snow, and she definitely didn’t want her plans for research to be disrupted by weather. Then again, if she had time off from class she might have more time to work on the translations.

Roe wanted Corrie to come to her room so they could work on practicing psychometry for Professor Rook, but Corrie said she had too much other homework to do. Edie was relieved.

Chapter 11: Visions of the Future

Edie and Derwen were indeed early for dinner, but they had only just gotten their food when Corrie and Annie turned up and joined them at their table. Edie did get a salad and concentrated on eating it, not having any idea what to talk about with Derwen for the few minutes the two of them were alone at the table. They had exhausted everything there was to say about their magic class, and while she considered the faerie a friend, none of the things that were on her mind right now were things she could—or wanted to—share with Derwen.

Chapter 10: Passing Notes

They studied for a while, going through the text and stopping to ask each other questions. There were a couple of things that they couldn’t understand—or at least, weren’t sure they understood in the way that the author intended it—even after talking it over together, so Edie wrote down the questions in her notebook to ask Ginny the next day in class. It was always good to have a couple of questions prepared in case Ginny called on one of them or no one else in the class had anything to say.

Chapter 9: Books in the Library

Edie hurried to the library with her book recommendations. Usually she stopped by her dorm room after French class, maybe had a snack, and took her time so she wouldn’t be waiting around for Derwen at the library like she had the first time, but today’s schedule had worked out very neatly. She’d hoped to learn enough from her French professor to be able to start doing research at the library, so she’d already planned on going straight there.

Pru: Chapter 6

Pru went into the woods that night.

With the clover hidden under her skin, it was easier than ever to locate the dancers. They were no longer hidden behind walls, but only a low hedge. She circled the whole thing—it was smaller than she’d thought—and located what had to be the entrance, but now she had no desire to go in.

She didn’t find the man who had given her the stone.

Chapter 8: Book Recommendations

Tuesday, March 1

Edie was paying attention in French class, as usual. She really was—at least as much as usual. She’d opted to take the next level of French and no other classes, but while it was supposed to be conversational French and reading texts, it was still easy for her. The teacher gave out too many English-language hints for her taste, and some words were glossed in the margins of their textbook that she would have preferred to puzzle out herself from context.

Chapter 7: Agreements and Plans

Professor Strega agreed to their requests. Dawn suggested exchanging email addresses so they could all email each other when they’d found anything, thinking that it would be easier than sneaking around, but Professor Strega said that she didn’t like email, so they agreed that they would meet if they had anything to discuss; Edie would tell Dawn if she had anything, and she and the professor would make their plans after class.

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