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Chapter 3: Dinner and Questions

Over the course of the afternoon, Roe, Darcy, Talia, and finally Derwen all arrived and came to say hello to the rest of them. Edie could have smacked herself when she saw Derwen. Of course—she didn’t need to worry about talking to any other faeries. Derwen would probably answer any questions she had, and she wouldn’t be offended or freaked out.

So when they headed off to dinner, Edie took Derwen aside and walked behind the rest of the group, talking quietly to her. “Can I ask you some questions about faeries?”

Chapter 2: Magic Classes

Edie started unpacking while Corrie went to get her second bag. When Corrie got back, she started unpacking too, and soon the place looked more like home—it was still oddly neat and clean, but that would be fixed soon enough.

A little while later, a knock came on the door, and Corrie opened it to reveal Dawn. The three of them greeted each other with excitement and exchanged hugs. “It’s good to be back,” said Dawn. “It was good to be home, but it’s good to be back, too. Is that weird?”


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Chapter 1: On Campus

Sunday, January 16

In Edie’s opinion, winter break had gone on for far too long. Not that she didn’t appreciate having a break from all her schoolwork—not to mention the drama and danger that seemed to come with it at Chatoyant College—but she was impatient for her new magic class to begin, she missed her friends, and she had gotten so bored over the break that she was considering looking for a job during the summer, if only to take up her time and give her money to pay for yarn.

Book 10

Interlude Chapter 50 now up

Sorry it's so late! That's what happens when I let my schedule get messed up...

Chapter 50 is the end of the interlude. I know there's a lot more that could happen but I think it's gone on quite long enough! And some of these plot threads will definitely be continued in the future.

There will be no chapter Monday, as it's Easter weekend (and my family's nontraditional Passover Seder) and I will be very busy. Come back next Thursday for the beginning of book 10!

Chapter 50: Rico

Dawn considered going to look for the faerie again over the next couple of weeks, but never ended up doing anything. If she hadn’t seen it at the mall, it probably didn’t live there; it might have just been there for a specific purpose, never to return. Most likely, it lived in one of the small patches of wild in the area, and searching those was out of the question. For one thing, it was too cold to go tramping around in the woods—not to mention the six inches of snow that had fallen since New Year’s.

Chapter 49: Cemetery

Edie spent a few more days focusing on her faerie research and knitting, but she kept thinking about her great-grandmother and how she might possibly still be around. But who would know if she was? She certainly hadn’t told any of her family—and that made sense, if she had faked her death. She must have done it so she could separate from her family, maybe because she was tired of humans or maybe just because she knew she couldn’t live forever without suspicion. Either way, telling her family it was fake would have been counterproductive.

Chapter 48: Scott

Scott was looking at Corrie with a strange, soft look in his eyes. He was leaning toward her. She had to say something. She couldn’t just stand there and let him think she liked him as much as he liked her—

She took a deep breath and a step back. “Sorry, Scott,” she said. He straightened up immediately and gave her such a hurt-puppy look that she forgot what she was going to say next. She couldn’t really reject him, could she? He was so sweet, and he liked her so much, and they had friends in common and everything.

Chapter 47: A Second Look

Dawn waited a few day for the post-Christmas sales to die down, and then she went back to the mall by herself. She hadn’t been able to shake the memory of seeing a faerie there, even though it might have just been a trick of the light. She didn’t want to go with a friend because of how weird and uncomfortable she’d felt talking to Steph, and because if she decided to take off after the faerie, she didn’t want to have to explain to someone else what she was doing.

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