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Chapter 38: Cold Morning

Despite discovering just that day about the rules saying that students were not supposed to spend the night anywhere other than their own dorm, Dawn and Rico spent the night together in Dawn’s room. It just seemed like the night for it; it was dark (it had started to snow again lightly about an hour before they went to bed), and with all the snowing, hot drinks, and communal pasta-eating, cuddling up together was just nice. Besides, Naomi wasn’t in, and it wasn’t as though either one of them was going to leave the dorm.

Chapter 37: Restricted

The rest of the sledders finally came back, and Edie and Annie worked on getting the second batch of hot chocolate done so they could have some. Charlie and Lorelei went out into the hall to talk about RA stuff—Naomi, Edie assumed—and finally, everyone had hot chocolate. Edie sat down with hers next to the couch and listened to the others chat. They had all been having fun sledding, and they hoped that the snow wouldn’t have melted by the next day so they could go sledding some more.

Chapter 36: Hot Chocolate

While Edie, Annie, and Talia were watching the hot chocolate cook and debating the merits of knocking on people’s doors and looking for marshmallows to go with their hot chocolate, the common room door opened. Edie turned to see Charlie, looking worried, but his expression cleared when he saw them. “Ah, good activity for a snowy winter day,” he said, walking toward them. “Is one of those hot chocolates for me? Or are you each going to drink… five mugs of hot chocolate?”

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Chapter 35: Sledding

Thankfully, they did not have to use the pizza pan; as they were heading downstairs, all bundled up, they found a few other people who’d had the same idea as Corrie. Some of them had actual sleds and one had stolen several trays from the dining hall during the previous semester, so there were almost enough sled-type things to go around.

Chapter 34: Bread and Cheese

They all looked at each other, wondering whether the knock was something to be worried about or anything to do with what they had just been discussion. At least, Edie was. She’d known faerie magic to affect the weather on campus before, with the fog—what if they’d caused this snow and were now coming to talk to her about her plans to go looking for her great-grandmother?

After a moment, Corrie hopped up and answered the door. She sounded perfectly cheerful when she said, “Oh! Hi, Roe! Come on in. Did you bring any extra food to share?”

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Chapter 33: Toast and Tea

Before long, they had all the food shared out, so everyone had some of everything that they wanted—vegetarian bacon, toast, peanut butter, and chicken noodle soup. Edie was enjoying the crunch of the bacon, and she thought it tasted pretty good. Corrie was talking about going down to the common room to make some tea with the kettle there.

“Are you a vegetarian, Annie?” Dawn asked. “I never noticed.”

Chapter 32: Vegetarian Bacon

Once Edie was dressed and had combed her hair, while Corrie and Derwen were still out of the room, she turned her computer on to check on the weather. There were a few sites that she knew would give useful information, but none of them seemed to be clear on whether or not the storm was a surprise. Some of them were talking about the storm as though it was a normal winter event in the area—which, to be fair, it was—and some were talking about it as though it was an entirely unprecedented amount of snow and everyone should be completely freaked out by it.

Chapter 31: Snow

Saturday, January 22

Edie woke up to the sound of Corrie cursing. This was a fairly unfamiliar sound, so she wasn’t sure what it was at first; she reached for her alarm and tried to turn it off, but nothing happened. That helped her wake up a little further and realize that the shape moving in the darkness was her roommate, and that was where the noise was coming from.

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