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Pru: Chapter 5

It took Pru until almost the last day of the semester to find a four-leaf clover.

When she finally had a chance to search, it was easy. She plucked it hastily and tucked it away in the waistband of her skirt, where it touched her skin and would not fall; she had no pockets.

Pru: Chapter 4.2

Pru could not believe what she saw.

Through the stone with the hole in it, the walls of the building vanished. The tables vanished. Some of the people vanished, and far, far more of them changed.

Pru: Chapter 4.1

It was three weeks later. Pru was awake in bed, but then she was usually awake, these days. Her classes were suffering. But every time she almost fell asleep, she would hear that eerie music.

It didn’t make sense. Her dorm was all the way across campus from where she’d seen the party. Maybe the music was moving… but no, it was just in her head. She knew it was all in her head, but no matter how much other music she listened to, no matter how much she tried to focus on her schoolwork or her friends or a new book she was reading, it was always in her head.

Pru: Chapter 3.2

Her beer bottle hit a rock and shattered. Pru swore, freed her arm, and then began flailing around with her hands, seeking whatever had grabbed her.

Then there was a pale face in front of her in the darkness and narrow hands were holding her wrists. “What are you doing, human?” he growled—a man’s voice, if the face was indeterminate. “Are you stupid?”

Pru stared at him. “I just wanted to know what the music was.” Then— “Human?”

She was looking at him.

She was not entirely sober, but she was not high enough to be seeing things.

Pru: Chapter 3.1

The party was in full swing. People were talking, laughing, dancing. Paper lanterns had been strung up between the trees. Beer and wine and joints were being passed around. A guy had his arm around Pru’s shoulders, and a girl had just offered to blow smoke into her mouth.

Pru was glad she’d found people she could get along with at Chatoyant College, and it had been nice of Jolie to bring her along, but she didn’t quite think this party was her scene.

Pru: Chapter 2

There was a tiny tree growing out of Pru’s hand.

She stared at it, her open mouth getting bigger and bigger as the tree grew. Like a time-lapse image, the trunk moved upward, branches pushed their way out, leaves unfurled, roots spread seeking soil.

She’d done that. With magic that came from within herself.

“Good work, Pru,” said Professor Barrett, his big, bushy eyebrows going up and his beard twitching in his version of a smile. “I knew you’d be able to get this.”

“It’s so beautiful,” she whispered.

Pru: Chapter 1

“I’m fine, Dad,” Pru said, grinning as she hefted her suitcase. She was already looking around, smelling the air. Chatoyant College’s campus was even more beautiful than she’d heard. She’d grown up with trees and open land nearby, but there was just something more magical about campus.

Or maybe that was just wishful thinking. She didn’t really believe the stories she’d heard about Chatoyant College’s magic major, but it had drawn her here, and she hoped that at a school that taught magic she would find people more like herself than the boring trend-followers at her high school.

Pru's Story

And that's all...

For now!

I'd hoped that I could wrap up Book 10 before starting my wedding break, but the end is a bit further away than I thought. So we'll have to wait.

For the next four weeks or thereabouts, your regular Chatoyant College updates will be replaced with a story about Dawn's aunt Pru when she was at Chatoyant College. These updates will be much shorter, and I've already written a few of them, but they should provide you with an interesting new perspective!

Chapter 93: Shapeshifting Test

Edie’s eyes went big. “What?”

“That was the point of this, right?” said Corrie, pushing herself to her feet. “I mean, not shapeshifting specifically. But to see what it is that makes faeries and werewolves different. If it’s the same thing that allows faeries to go to Faerie.”

“If you can do it, then you should be able to go to Faerie,” said Dawn. “If not, I guess we’ll have to keep looking. But wouldn’t it be easier if you could shapeshift?”

“I guess so,” said Edie, standing up slowly. Corrie took her place on the bed. “What did Charlie say to do?”

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