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Chapter 45: Library Exhibition

Friday, January 28

Over the week, the weather warmed up bit by bit, but the snow still took a very long time to melt. By Friday, though, it had gone enough that the pathways were usable again, it was easy to get in and out of the parking lot, and the roads were perfectly clear. No more classes had been canceled since Monday, and it hadn’t snowed again.

Chapter 44: Cold Trance

Dawn met up with Corrie before their magic class, and they walked together, both a little uncertain. The sun was bright and Dawn did think it was a little warmer than it had been earlier—or maybe it was just that the wind had died down. But did Professor Strega’s thirty degrees count the wind chill?

“Look,” said Corrie, lifting her hand. “I think it is starting to warm up. The snow is melting a little.”


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Chapter 43: Library Closed

After breakfast, since Dawn didn’t have anywhere she had to be yet, she walked over to the library. It was weird not having worked her shift yesterday; she wanted to be sure she would be able to work tomorrow. And to make sure she hadn’t missed anything important yesterday. She knew she would have been told if she’d had to come in, but she wondered if anyone had gone to the library at all.

A path to the library had been shoveled; that was a good sign. She bent her head against the wind that cut through between the buildings and hurried along the path to the door.

Chapter 42: Icy Morning

Monday, January 24

By the morning, paths had been cleared from every building to every other building on campus, and the streets and parking lot had been plowed. However, the delivery of food to the dining hall never occurred; Corrie and Charlie drove out to buy pizza for everyone, and that was what they ate.

Chapter 41: Dining Hall

Rico might not have been as good as Corrie at setting the snow on fire, but he could still do it. They were able to dig a wider path that way, with the two of them standing side-by-side to melt the snow, and then four others attacking the slushy snow with shovels. By the time Dawn noticed her hands were starting to get sore from shoveling, and she stepped back to stretch them while her friend and boyfriend melted some snow, she realized that they were also very close to the dining hall.

“We’re almost there already,” she remarked to Lorelei.

Chapter 40: Snow Fire

Dawn ate her breakfast quickly. It wasn’t very satisfying, just plain crackers and cheese, but she felt better when she’d eaten and she knew she’d done the right thing to stop to eat before going out. She and Rico also shared a bottle of water, then bundled up properly before going out.

Chapter 39: Heat

Dawn and Rico headed back up the stairs as Lorelei headed outside with one of the shovels. “I hope the other dorms have all this stuff,” said Dawn. “I didn’t even know we did. But if we can all dig our way to the other buildings, I guess we’ll be okay.”

Rico nodded. “I hope the other RAs are as helpful as Lorelei and Charlie. I never would have expected them to cook for us.”

Chapter 38: Cold Morning

Despite discovering just that day about the rules saying that students were not supposed to spend the night anywhere other than their own dorm, Dawn and Rico spent the night together in Dawn’s room. It just seemed like the night for it; it was dark (it had started to snow again lightly about an hour before they went to bed), and with all the snowing, hot drinks, and communal pasta-eating, cuddling up together was just nice. Besides, Naomi wasn’t in, and it wasn’t as though either one of them was going to leave the dorm.

Chapter 37: Restricted

The rest of the sledders finally came back, and Edie and Annie worked on getting the second batch of hot chocolate done so they could have some. Charlie and Lorelei went out into the hall to talk about RA stuff—Naomi, Edie assumed—and finally, everyone had hot chocolate. Edie sat down with hers next to the couch and listened to the others chat. They had all been having fun sledding, and they hoped that the snow wouldn’t have melted by the next day so they could go sledding some more.

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