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Chapter 100: Seeing Trance

Corrie wondered why Professor Lal had come to class, but more interesting to her was that Professor Lal had pegged her for being overconfident. She knew that was why she hadn’t been able to get back into trance after changing her position back to the first one. In fact, it was probably her biggest problem in magic—a pretty good problem to have, but still one she would want to overcome.

“Do you think Professor Lal is right, about you being overconfident?” Roe asked her, as though following Corrie’s thoughts. They were all walking back to Gilkey together.

Chapter 99: Shifting Trance

Corrie looked around at the rest of the class, but of course none of them were faeries, and she had no idea if any of them had come up with the thought she just had. She would have to discuss it with Dawn after class. Maybe Derwen would know; Corrie certainly didn’t want to ask any of the magic professors why Professor Strega was teaching the trance class.

Chapter 98: Seats

Corrie was almost late to her magic class because she was talking to Edie, which she found ironic after Edie had almost been late to their English class. She squeezed into her usual seat between Dawn and Roe just before Professor Strega joined the class, so she didn’t have time to tell Dawn about what she and Edie had talked about it. A week ago she might have risked a quick whisper, but now that she wasn’t sure whether to trust Professor Strega, she didn’t want to try it.

Chapter 97: Dismissed

“Do you have any idea why Mardalan would be looking for the treaty?” Edie asked quickly, before Professor Lal could make them leave, even though it was obvious that she was trying to dismiss them. “That’s the one thing we can’t understand.”

Professor Lal shook her head slowly. “I do not think there is any point in speculating until we have spoken to her. If I have need of you again, I will find you.”

“I hope you’ll find us even if you don’t need us,” said Derwen. “Come on, Lal, we deserve answers.”

Chapter 96: Traces

Wednesday, February 9

Edie didn’t want to go with Derwen to talk to Professor Lal. She was afraid the professor might not take them seriously if she were there, knowing about her desire to go to Faerie. She also thought that Professor Lal would be able to tell that she had been in the library looking at the books and why.

Chapter 95: Limitations

“What do you mean?” asked Dawn, as Edie’s shoulders slumped.

“My great-grandmother,” Edie explained. “I don’t know if she’s still alive or if she actually died. I mean, she’s a faerie, it seems like she must still be alive. But you’re right, Derwen. She’s probably the only one who would be able to tell me anything. And that’s the whole problem.”

“I’d tell you to forget about all this faerie stuff and focus on being human, but it would be pretty hypocritical of me,” said Derwen with a grin. She moved away to lean against the door again.

Chapter 94: Faerie Shapeshifting

Corrie left the room and closed the door quietly behind her, not wanting to draw attention to the room. She didn’t want anyone getting curious and knocking on the door. But there was no one in the hall anyway, except one girl who lived a couple of doors down and was probably just going to the bathroom. She and Corrie exchanged nods of greeting, and then Corrie headed for the end of the hall, controlling her muscles so she wouldn’t break into a run.

Pru: Chapter 5

It took Pru until almost the last day of the semester to find a four-leaf clover.

When she finally had a chance to search, it was easy. She plucked it hastily and tucked it away in the waistband of her skirt, where it touched her skin and would not fall; she had no pockets.

Pru: Chapter 4.2

Pru could not believe what she saw.

Through the stone with the hole in it, the walls of the building vanished. The tables vanished. Some of the people vanished, and far, far more of them changed.

Pru: Chapter 4.1

It was three weeks later. Pru was awake in bed, but then she was usually awake, these days. Her classes were suffering. But every time she almost fell asleep, she would hear that eerie music.

It didn’t make sense. Her dorm was all the way across campus from where she’d seen the party. Maybe the music was moving… but no, it was just in her head. She knew it was all in her head, but no matter how much other music she listened to, no matter how much she tried to focus on her schoolwork or her friends or a new book she was reading, it was always in her head.

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