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Chapter 21: Werewolf Guide

Corrie wondered, as she turned, whether Charlie had followed them or just happened to be out walking and seen them. Neither idea bothered her, but her heart was beating faster anyway. What would they tell him?

“Hi, Charlie,” she said to stall for time. “What are you up to? Heading out for the full moon already?” There was no one else around; it was a safe question.

Chapter 20: Tracing the Path

By the time Corrie got back from her shower, Edie had gotten dressed and Roe had left and come back with Dawn, all ready to go to breakfast. Corrie was glad she’d dressed in the bathroom so they could go quickly. She pulled her colorful hat snugly over her head—her hair was still short, but it didn’t dry instantly and she had to make sure her head didn’t freeze—and zipped up her coat while the others filled in Dawn on Roe’s vision.

Chapter 19: Creepy Vision

Sunday, March 6

Corrie returned from her run the next morning to find a grinning Roe about to knock on her door. Roe turned and waved. “I thought that was you! No one else is up this early.”

“What are you doing up this early, then?” Corrie pulled her sweatshirt up over her head. Now that she’d had her run and come back inside, she was quite warm. It was another freezing morning with a serious bite in the air, but it was beautifully clear and dry. She didn’t think it would rain for days, and snow might even be done for the season. She hoped so.

Chapter 18: Frustrated Vision

Edie and Dawn hurried back to Gilkey. They didn’t have to discuss what they were going to do next; they would show Corrie the map and discuss it with her. Edie opened the door to the room she shared with Corrie without knocking and was surprised to see Roe in there with her roommate.

“Oh, hey, guys,” said Roe, looking up at them—she was sitting in Corrie’s desk chair while Corrie sat on her bed. “What’s up?”

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Chapter 17: A Map

While Edie was still staring at the paper in her hands and trying to think about what to do next, Dawn spoke. “Do you have any updates for us? Why did you ask to meet us?”

“I do have some information,” said Professor Strega. “Edith, your great-grandmother.”

Edie looked up from the paper, her heart pounding. Was she going to finally get some solid information? “Yes?”

“I have been able to confirm that she existed, this Ailish Pomerantz, and that she was truly a faerie.”

Chapter 16: Old French

Saturday, March 5

Over the next few days, Edie worked on reading and studying the fragments of treaty that she had. What she read only served to confuse her. It was clear that by the time the college had been founded, the spelling of French had been standardized; the words in the treaty should have been reasonably legible to her. But they weren’t.

Chapter 15: A Successful Vision

That evening, Edie headed into the dining hall alone, but she’d barely walked in when she saw Roe, excitedly waving to her from a table. She grinned and waved back, then made her way over to the table, where Corrie, Dawn, Derwen, and Annie were also sitting.

“Come sit down,” said Roe eagerly. “I was just about to tell Derwen about the vision I had of her, but since you were in it, too, I’m glad you showed up.”

Chapter 14: A New Scene

The professor had them sit back in their circle and passed out scripts of a few pages each. Edie looked down at hers. It read, “The Clouds and the Sky: Act 2, Scene 1.” The girl sitting next to her had a different one—“Underneath It All: Act 1, Scene 3.”

These must be the plays from the playwriting class, which the professor had told them they would be performing at the end of the semester. She’d never heard of these titles before, and if that was the case, it would explain why they had scenes from two different plays. Not to mention that they were out of context.

Chapter 13: Bad Actor

Wednesday, March 2

Edie had to put the book away in order to walk from lunch to her theater class. She’d been reading in almost every spare moment since Dawn had brought her the three books last night. It was nice to have a book that engrossed her again, since she’d finished reading all of the books that Corrie’s mom had loaned her.

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