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Are you alright?

I know that there have been technical problems and that real life sometimes gets in the way. That said, are you alright?

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I am fine!

Thank you for asking, and I'm so sorry about failing to post Thursday's chapter. I had it written and everything! But I think at this point I'll just say I missed it, and it will get saved for Monday.

I was serving on a jury this week--I should have let you guys know. I didn't expect it to result in actually forgetting to post the chapter, but apparently it did. Sitting in a room listening to boring people talk is surprisingly exhausting...

Your news

I'm glad that you're alright.

Seconded! :)

Seconded! :)

I am trying to reply to chapter 27 with a typo-spot but it keeps

it keeps throwing an error. Anyway, my comment is:

"leaving the light areas dark"

I think you mean 'leaving the light areas white/light'.


I don't know why it won't let you comment. But thanks--I will fix that.

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