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I am at an advanced stage of an application and i might have a job. It's looking positive at the moment.

I've taken up knitting and I may have joined a book club.


Awesome! I love knitting, though I don't find as much time for it as I used to. What are you making?

Current projects

I'm making a washcloth as a beginner project. I'm then going to try my hand at making something with a colour pattern in. I'm not if I'll try anything before the next item on my list but I'm going to try and make a scarf.


I start at my new job on Monday 29th October.

Great :)


Thank you

Thank you very much.


I hope you enjoy it!




Though we do hope you'll continue to have time to hang out here ;)

Time management

Hopefully, I will have time.

Time management part 2

I'll see what things are like once they settle down but, if this week is anything to go by, I may have to wait until Sunday before doing most of my interacting online.

Job news

The job is a temp to perm job and I was informed this week that I'm being made permanent.

Gratulations :)

Congratulations to the permanent job :)


Thank you

Thank you very much.


That's wonderful.

Thank you

Thank you very much.

You may have joined a book

You may have joined a book club? When will you know for sure? After the first twenty meetings?

Book club news

I found out today. I received a phone call saying that there was space so I'm now part of that book club.

I was informed in the meeting last night that, if they were full, they would have tried to find me a space in one of the other ones. If there wasn't any space in any then I would not have been able to attend at all.

Okay, that makes sense. I

Okay, that makes sense. I first thought you meant that you had somehow accidentally stumbled into attending a book club. Which would probably have made for a funny story.

So much!

School is going full time, so there are a LOT of papers, quizzes, exams, interviews, and general college-like things. We are heading into the stretch of year where things get hard for me on a personally emotional level and so I'm dreading the next few months.

The Boy is liking daycare and learning things - tonight he was following in a menu like it was a book, something he hasn't done before. We start speech therapy later this month, so hopefully he'll start talking soon. He's so far behind at 18 months, considering he only knows "mama" and recently "uh-oh".


Hopefully things won't be as bad as you fear. Am I right in thinking (from the comment about it being the time of year) that you have SAD? There appear to be some treatments available (see Treatment tab).

I hope that everything goes well for you.


That's part of it, we are heading into cold weather, which means overcast skies. I am on meds, though, and increased dosage of Vitamin D, both of which help. But it's mom died 4 years ago on November 5th. Thanksgiving was a big holiday for her, and Christmas was always "our" holiday. We dressed alike, decorated in the same way. Without her here, the holidays feel flat, even though I have family.

Oh good...

... other people are as busy as I am :P classes are not mandatory here, one of my friends stopped going and another isn't doing her homework. Two more weeks, then midterms. Oh dear.

Two words at 18 months seems little, but it's not really bad, you know! Here, they only worry if at two years of age, they know less than ten words. All the old people used to say here: "you can't walk and talk at the same time": some kids talk first, some walk first.
So, don't worry :) it will be okay!

Aye, eventually.

It is little. He should have had 5 words at 12 months, and at this point should have at LEAST a dozen, if not more. He will babble in speech patterns, but has no words. Part of it is the fact that he had water behind his eardrums until about 6 weeks ago, and part of it is that he was born with a cleft palate and that was also fixed 6 weeks ago. He's starting almost from scratch. Because of this, the palate surgeon wants him on speech therapy ASAP to help him catch up. The sooner you catch language issues, the better off the kids are. :)

But he is, and always has been, an extremely mobile baby. He was doing the "inch-worm" crawl at 5 1/2 months, a full crawl at 6 1/2 months, pulling himself to standing at 7 1/2 months, and fully walking at 9 1/2 months. Screw this talking, he wants to GO GO GO! He's good at making himself known most of the time - he points, he'll lead you to wherever, etc. So long as he can move, he's good.

Lucas is 2

He had a couple words before 12 months. A sentence ("all done"), by 14 months, and now he can count to 20. He didn't walk until 14 months, though. His friend, Logan, is 3 weeks older. He walked earlier, but didn't start talking until 14 months or so, just a couple of words. Now, at age 25 months, he says long sentences. I think your little buddy will be just fine! :)


Yes, that will be hard! Luckily there's help available :) good luck!
(I'd offer to babysit, but, you know, other continent and stuff :P)

What am I doing?

Beating my nephew at raising donations for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. Specifically Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh UPMC. I talked him into joining me in Extra's 24 hr video game marathon on Oct. 20th. He signed up three days before me but I have already blown him out of the water by raising 136% of my goal in two days.


What do you have to do? Just game all the time and tell people to donate?
(sooo, link? :P)
Seems like quite a good cause!

Kind of like real life...

... there are icicles in front of my window! They are very pretty - and mine is the only window in sight that has them :P

It's finally freezing in the Netherlands! I go everywhere by bus and by foot (although most people have started cycling again). And as it's kind of hard to keep my room warm, I do all my homework in bed. Yay!


Great :)

Well it snowed here last night and this afternoon -- but no snow stayed...

Hope you have fun :) and stay warm...

(Well, I usually go by tram or underground/subway -- we have a nice network of public transport here -- only for the outskirts you need to use buses...)



I love icicles. It's cold here, too, but not cold enough for icicles...

I hope you don't fall asleep while doing your homework!


In order to get some more exercise I've bought a bike. It's definitely helped.

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