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A lot of us seem to be webcomic fans so what webcomics do you read? Which ones would you recommend to us?

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My webcomics

The webcomics I read (each section is listed in the order I found them):


Wandering Ones
Punch'n'Pie (this comic is relatively new but it's a sequel to Queen of Wands)
A Girl and Her Fed
Twilight Lady
Sorcery 101
Two Lumps
Night Zero
Requiem (on Spider Forest)
The Dreamland Chronicles
Woody After Hours
Sandra and Woo (I now read that in German)
Questionable Content
Paradigm Shift
Wapsi Squaure
Gunnerkrigg Court
Imy (the comic)
The Other Grey Meat
Quantum Vibe
Odori Park
The Whiteboard
Walking on Broken Glass
Think Before You Think
Children of the Night
Spare Keys for Strange Doors
Times Like This
Mary Elizabeth's Sock
Who Killed Claire Cace
To Dream of Dragons
Atomic Laundromat
The Knit Princess

Semi-regularly or on hiatus:

Clan of the Cats
Muse Academy
Pure and Hidden Truth
Dark Red
Witch & Cat
Sea of Insanity
Union of Heros (though I do read that one in German)
Life's a Witch
Hard Graft
Anhedonia Blue
The Next Adventure
Planet Karen
Loaded Dice
Snow by Night
The Deadlys
Sai's Asylum

Trialing (these are webcomics that I've recently found and I'm not sure if I'll keep reading):
Makeshift Miracle
Starcrossed (automaton-works)
The Forgotton Order
Blade Bunny
Root Rot
The Revolution (Spiderforest)

Which ones would I recommend to Chatoyant College readers:

Think Before You Think: It's about a man who can read minds, who works in a coffee shop of a university town, and the people he knows

Candi: Slice of life webcomic about a group of students (there are some supernatural elements)

Wapsi Square: Supernatural slice of life webcomic. It follows a museum worker and her friends as they deal with things from an ancient civilisation.

Two Lumps: What cats get up to when their owner isn't around.

Questionable Content: Slice of life comic about life after university for a group of friends. There are some sci-fi elements.

Weesh: The children of Merle family find a wish granting bunny rabbit thing living at their home.

Spare Keys for Strange Doors: The casebook of two paranormal "specialists".

Whoa! Who...

... has time for all that?! Not me, certainly. Here's my, considerably shorter, list:

Gunnerkrigg Court - great art, great story, IMO one of the best web comics out there.
Darths & Droids - Star Wars as a pen and paper RPG. It's hilarious, and the whole thing makes so much more sense that way. :-)
Looking For Group - I find it hard to pin down what, exactly I like about it, but I sure as heck do like it a lot...
Too Much Information - If you don't like Poser computer-generated art, give it a try anyway. The story telling is where it's at with this one.

Managing time

There are ways of managing time to make things easier. Off course that does require memorisation of dates and times of update. However, the effort does save time in the long run.

I'm looking for a job at the moment but when I do have a job this is how I do it:

  1. Whilst getting ready try and put aside 30-40 mins for webcomic/webfiction checking,
  2. Open browser,
  3. Go to page of first comic in favourites that I can reasonably have expected to have been updated at the particular data and time,
  4. Before page loads, open new tab and go to the next webcomic that meets that criteria,
  5. Carry on doing that until opening another tab is going to make tab bar scroll,
  6. Go to first tab where page has loaded and read,
  7. (Only comment if what you want to say is going to be quick and you have the time)
  8. Close tab when finished,
  9. When only 1 tab left then repeat from 3.
  10. When get home from work, repeat procedure for the ones that would have updated since I checked that morning and/or the ones I skipped due to time constraints in the morning.

I also reserve a few minutes of time for forums/webfiction as they take longer.

The time consuming parts are going through archives and being active in forums/comments sections.

{edited for grammar}


I have three folders (I had to split them up because the folders were too long for my screen, and I don't like to scroll in my bookmarks).

The first folder is comics that are published in newspapers, and I read online. I read these comics generally once every week or two, and I read everything I've missed all at once.:

Arlo and Janis
Jump Start
9 Chickweed Lane
Non Sequitur
FoxTrot Classics
FoxTrot Sunday
Rose is Rose

The second folder is my less favorite webcomics. I read these whenever I have free time, and catch up completely on them (this generally is a few hours once or twice a month):

Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic
Gene Catlow
The Joy of Tech
El Goonish Shive
WTF Comics
GU Comics
Full Frontal Nerdity
Too Much Information
Penny Arcade
In His Likeness
Alien Dice
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
Dumbing of Age
Giant In the Playground Games - Order of the Stick
Dominic Deegan: Oracle For Hire
Skin Horse
Geebas on Parade
Times Like This
The Dreamland Chronicles
Paradigm Shift
Surly Queen - On the Couch
Surly Queen - Life on a Stick
Wasted Talent
Skin Deep

Then these are my favorite webcomics. I read these at least weekly, and some of them daily or as soon as they update. (some of the ones on the other webcomic list would be here, except they don't update often enough, or I haven't been reading them long enough). As with the others, I tend to block out an hour or two and read everything that's updated since I last read.

A Girl and Her Fed
Least I Could Do
girls with slingshots
Girl Genius
Two Lumps
Real Life
Devil's Panties
something positive
Kevin & Kell
Questionable Content
The Oatmeal
Oglaf (NSFW)

I like reading less often, because it means I get more story in a single sitting, rather than losing track of what's going on between readings.

Additional info

I also have some comics that I used to read, and stopped for one reason or another (the comic ended, the updating got too rare or stopped entirely, the story starting boring me, etc.):

After Y2K
Customers Suck!
22 Chester 5000 XYV (NSFW)
Queen of Wands
Today Nothing Happened
Scandal Sheet
Between Gears
Garden Hose (NSFW)
Sluggy Freelance
Wapsi Square

Oh Sluggy

I used to love that comic. It was the first webcomic I got into. But I stopped reading it regularly a few years ago. Now I just check it once in a while to see if Oasis has shown up.


When I do have time, I do go on trips through the archives of my favourite webcomics.


I get almost all my comics by RSS feed. I think there are only two that don't have feeds. No wait... one. (Schlock Mercenary has its own app.) I actually check them on my iPad while I'm getting ready in the morning.

In alphabetical order, because that's how they show up in my feed reader:
A Softer World
All New Issues
Border Crossings
College Roomies from Hell!
Curia Regis
Darwin Carmichael is Going to Hell
Dumbing of Age
Eilis of the Underground
Emily Carroll
Family Man
Fantasy Realms
Finder's Keepers
Flaky Pastry
Fox Sister
Friends With Boys (huh, this one's over)
Garden Hose
Girl Genius
Girls With Slingshots
Gunnerkrigg Court
Lackadaisy Cats
Love is in the Blood
Natalie Dee
Nathan Sorry
Next Town Over
Max Overacts
Octopus Pie
Promises Promises
Questionable Content
Red String
Saint's Way
Scenes from a Multiverse
Shrub Monkeys
Snow by Night
Something Positive
Sorcery 101
Spare Keys for Strange Doors (thanks, Francisco, for mentioning this one!)
Stop Paying Attention
Supernormal Step
Templar, Arizona
That Deaf Guy
The Devil's Panties
The Guns of Shadow Valley
The Knit Princess
Walking on Broken Glass
Walking the Lethe
Wasted Talent
What It Takes
Worsted for Wear

ETA: And DMFA got left out because it has no RSS feed, but I check it a couple of times a week.

You're welcome

You're welcome. I'm glad you like it.

Moon Gone Dark

I just saw that one of the webcomics I read is advertising here now (yay ads!) and wanted to put in an additional plug for it. Moon Gone Dark is very weird and creepy and beautiful. You should check it out!

And here are a few new ones that I didn't read when I posted my earlier comment:
Monster Pulse
The Defector
Stand Still, Stay Silent

Updated list

Here's the current list (I've added a few and stopped a few others):


Wandering Ones
A Girl and Her Fed
Two Lumps
Requiem (on Spider Forest)
Questionable Content
Wapsi Squaure
Gunnerkrigg Court
Quantum Vibe
Think Before You Think
Tides of Tirnanog
Times Like This
Blade Bunny
The Knit Princess
The Fox Sister
Stray Sod
Mary Death
Let's Ask Violet
Strong Female Protagonist
Angel Food
With Fetus
Shades of Lantim
Zombie Ranch
Soul to Call
Merunga's Menagerie
Overcast with a Chance of Doom
Cat Nine: Take Two
OUTCAST (the comic with Erma in)
The Pigeon Gazette
Let's Speak English
Shades of Gray (Kahmith)
Between Failures
Luna Star

Semi-regularly or on hiatus:

Clan of the Cats
Dark Red
Witch & Cat
Sea of Insanity
Paradigm Shift
Spare Keys for Strange Doors
Gods of the Game
Runewood Abbey
After Daylight

Trialing (these are webcomics that I've recently found and I'm not sure if I'll keep reading):
Alice Grove
To Catch a Dreameater
Cassiopeia Quinn
Clique Refresh

{edited: 12th April 2015}


That's quite a list. I shouldn't be surprised--my list is very long, too!

Some of those I've never heard of before, and a few of them look like I would really enjoy them. Thanks!

You're welcome

Thank you and you're welcome.

I hope that you find something you like.

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