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Chapter 11: Enhancement

“So does that mean that Feloc and Belara have made it easier for us to do magic?” Corrie asked.

“I don’t think they have increased the ambient magic that much, at least not yet. I certainly have not noticed that it is any easier to do magic, nor have my advanced classes. And I am quite certain that is not a side effect they would wish for. In fact, when I speak to them, I may suggest that as a reason to reverse what they are doing…”

“You’re going to talk to them about it?” Dawn asked, alarmed. “Is that a good idea? Wouldn’t it be better if they don’t know you know what they’re doing?”

Professor Lal shook her head. “There is no reason to be so alarmed. None of us here may like Feloc and Belara very much, but they are not evil people. It is certainly advisable to speak to them about what they are doing before I attempt any other action.”

Dawn could only hope that Professor Lal knew those faeries better than the others did. Of course, she hadn’t thought much of their attempt to kidnap Annie, so she didn’t have a lot of confidence. She sighed and looked down at her origami dragon. “Okay. What’s your theory about the dragon?”

“First, did you experience your magic any differently during today’s class?”

She frowned, remembering. “Actually, no. It was exactly the same as it was on Wednesday.”

Professor Lal smiled. “Now let me see…” She reached for the shelf Dawn had noticed earlier, the one covered in candles, and picked up a half-melted orange one in a large glass cup. “Here. Take a moment and light this candle.”

She was nervous—doing magic in front of two friends and her professor in a small office was rather different from doing it in a class full of other people trying to do the same thing—but decided it was worth trying to comply. She took a deep breath, focused on the candle’s blackened wick, and reached for her magic. In a moment the candle flared to life, and she looked up, surprised. “It’s different! I mean, it’s the same—more like it was on Monday, anyway. Bigger.”

The professor nodded sharply. “Just as I thought. That dragon somehow enhances fire magic.”

Dawn lifted it again and stared at it, feeling her eyes widen. “You’re right. That could be very useful. Thanks. How did you figure it out?”

“I could tell that it had some affinity with fire, but I couldn’t pinpoint what it was. When you said your magic seemed different between Monday and Wednesday, I suspected that was the connection.”

“Wow,” said Roe. “Still planning on giving that to Rico? I could use some help with my fire magic!”

Dawn grinned and pulled the dragon in more closely towards herself. “Sorry. He’s not very good at fire magic, either, so I think he’ll be delighted. And here I thought I was just giving him a cute, silly little gift!” She looked back at Professor Lal, pleased. “If you manage to reverse what Feloc and Belara are doing with the magic, though… will this stop working?”

The professor shook her head. “I doubt it, though it is possible. Most likely it will simply lose its potency and only give a smaller amount of assistance.”

“What about the voodoo dolls?” Corrie asked. “I mean, the magic dolls, that affect whoever looks like them. Troy and I are okay with hanging onto them, but it would be nice if they had less effect.”

“That should indeed be the case if there is less ambient magic on campus, though if you wish to bring them to me, I can remove some of the magic.”

Corrie nodded and held up the green cloth bag, hanging it by a finger with the drawstring. “What about this?”

“It should still be possible to use it to change fibers into green cotton, but that will not happen without intention. However, your friend has no magic training as yet, so she may not be able to effect the transformation to cotton.”

“I’m sure she’s fine with that,” said Corrie.

Dawn nodded. “At least it’s usable this way. So, Professor Lal, you said that increasing the magic on campus involves taking away magic from the forest areas. Does this mean that the court faeries now have less magic to work with?”

“It may,” said the professor. “But they may have found another way. And, regardless, you need not worry about the court faeries unless you venture into their territory.”

“No need to worry about that,” said Roe. “Is there anything we can do to help you with that, though?”

The professor smiled faintly. “I thank you for your offer, but I am certain that I and the other magic professors will have no difficulty handling it. Now why don’t the three of you take a look at the sign-up sheet and, if you wish, pick a time?”


Nice :)

Firedragonmagicenhancer :)

Great one, thank you



That sounds like it'd come in very handy!

Also, yay, two more weeks of school, then Christmas! What's everybody doing?


I like your one-word version :D


Thank you :D

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