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Chapter 72: Just In Case

Leila immediately walked inside, her long legs carrying her across the rooms in a matter of seconds. Ignoring everyone else in the room, she sat on the bed and took Edie’s hand in hers. For a moment the two of them just smiled at each other silently. Corrie watched Leila carefully, but she didn’t seem to be doing anything out of the ordinary.

“Oh, Edith, I am so sorry,” Leila finally said, the words tumbling out of her in a rush. “If I had realized it was my sister—”

“It’s okay,” Edie said, interrupting her. “It’s not your fault. You didn’t know it was your sister, and you definitely didn’t know she would attack us in the woods, did you?”

Leila shook her head. “But I should have figured it out.” She was dripping slightly on Lorelei’s sheets, but neither of them seemed to notice. “Who else would attack trees on the campus, knowing it would attract my attention?”

“It could have been somebody who didn’t know about you,” Edie said. “Really. It’s not your fault. And if it was, I would forgive you, okay? You came to rescue me.”

“I could hardly do otherwise. And it was what she wanted, anyway.”

“Did you give her what she wanted?”

“No. I stopped just short of killing her. I could not leave until I was sure you were away from her grasp, until I knew you would be safe.”

Edie smiled and sat up further. Corrie turned her head away as they kissed. “Then you did everything you could. Thank you.”

“No… I have not done everything I could. But I will now.” Corrie turned back to them, nervous for a moment, but it didn’t appear that Leila was hurting Edie. In fact, Edie was taking a deep breath and sitting up even straighter.

“Wow, I feel a lot better,” she said, blinking.

Leila nodded, but she was slouching slightly now. “That should bring your energy back up to normal levels. I—I must go now…”

“Do you have to?” Edie asked sadly; she obviously knew the answer.

“Yes. I think your friends will prefer it, as well. But will I see you tomorrow?”

“Of course. Do you want to meet in the orchard again?”

“That would be lovely.”

Edie squeezed Leila’s hand and they said goodbye. As Leila stood up, Naomi asked tentatively, “Did you really just… heal her?”

Leila pursed her lips, looking down at Naomi. “I would not truly call it healing. She was not injured in any way. She was merely drained of energy. I gave her more energy.”

“Well, that sounds like healing to me. So, thanks.” Naomi smiled.

Leila furrowed her brows, looking confused, then offered a small smile back. “You’re welcome.”

Corrie, who hadn’t sat down yet (mostly because her jacket was still all wet), offered her hand to Leila. “I want to say thanks too.”

Leila took her hand in a surprisingly weak, limp grip. “And I thank you. I hope that we can be friends from now on.”

Corrie grinned. “I’d like that.”

Leila finally left, and Edie jumped up from the bed. “Wow, I feel great now. I hope she’s okay… she must have given me some of her own energy. But I’m pretty sure that’s why she was leaving.”

“Wow,” said Lorelei, shaking her head. “What a soap opera.”

“You mean the whole evil twin thing?” Naomi laughed.

“They’re definitely not twins,” Edie said with a grin. “Lorelei, do you want help with the sheets? I feel bad for getting crumbs all over them…”

“Yeah, if you could help me strip them that would be great,” said Lorelei, standing and yawning. “At least no one else is using the laundry room in the middle of the night. I hope.”

They bundled up Lorelei’s sheets, and then the five of them walked out in to the hallway and parted ways, Lorelei going to the laundry room and the others heading for the stairs. Corrie felt like she could go to sleep now, though it wasn’t even midnight. They’d had a long night of running around the woods.

“Edie,” asked Dawn, “where are your bracelets?”

“Oh, I left them in my desk,” she said. She glanced down at her arms. “I guess if I ever go in the woods again I’ll wear them.”

“You’d better,” Corrie said with a yawn. “I do not want to go chasing after you again.”

“What should we do now?” Edie mused as they pushed open the fire door at the end of their hall.

“Sleep?” Corrie said.

“Oh, you’re no fun. I’m going to see if Annie is there so I can tell her about what happened.”

“Okay, but bring your bracelets with you? Just in case.”

“Annie’s not a faerie.”

“Just in case,” Corrie repeated.


Indeed, just in case

Yeah, just in case faeries sneek in to abduct Annie again or they spontaneously go into the woods again etc. :)

She really needs to have them with her...

...and if she is with Leila - she can tell her and Leila can be careful of them - and if they want to get closer she always can remove them then and there...

...and yay for possible new friends :) *happy for Corrie and Leila and Edie*



Happy ending! So cute!


Edie needs to study the credo

Edie needs to study the credo of survivors, be prepared. I do not smoke, yet I always have a lighter in my pocket. It has been of great use in emergencies. Nothing like grappling with a mugger and lighting his coat to create a distraction.

@ antonious

Amen to that brother.

although i dont have asthma, i have an inhaler, just incase someone around me has an attack without one handy.


Looking at:

“I could hardly do otherwise. And it was what she wanted, anyway.”

“Did you give her what she wanted?”

“No. I stopped just short of killing her. I could not leave until I was sure you were away from her grasp, until I knew you would be safe.”

Did Mardalan want Yedara to kill her? Or was she betting that, however much Yedara hated her sister, she valued her life more than that of her lover?

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