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About the Author

I am a recent college graduate and a lifelong writer trying to figure out how to actually make a living doing this thing I love. Through my college roommate, I recently discovered Tales of MU, an online serial novel by Alexandra Erin, and said "whoa, people do this?!" I promptly tore up the scripts I had written for a planned webcomic, rewrote them as prose, and was delighted.

Be thankful to Alexandra Erin: she has saved the world from my art.

If you're interested in more of my stories, check out my Patreon, Dreamwidth, or official author website.

You can contact me by emailing chatoyant dot college at gmail dot com.
You can also follow me at Twitter!

If you're interested in other writing of mine, I have a number of other stories available online:
My main author blog, where you can find links to other books and stories available for sale
Many of my stories are available at my Dreamwidth account, including novellas Love As It Was Meant to Be and Whispering Woods
The Hotel Room, which took third place in Chris Tejeda's contest and is published as Chapter 26 of The Lifting of the Veil
Two People's Faces, Cracked and Fractured, available at Prick of the Spindle online literary magazine

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