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...And on Wordpress

Hi guys--if anyone is still reading this!

Wattpad was worth trying, and I think I have a few new readers from there, but I'm not satisfied with it. It doesn't show the date anything was posted, it doesn't have tags for individual chapters, and there doesn't seem to be a way to include a blog post or anything else that isn't part of the story.

I also appreciate you commenting here to tell me what you didn't like about Wattpad; it made me look at it more critically and not ignore what I didn't like, thinking it was working for my readers!

I will continue to post Book 1 and Book 12 on Wattpad, but I will also be posting Book 12 at my Wordpress site. I'm also going to put up Books 1-11 (and Book 12, when it's complete) on Smashwords for pay-what-you-want. It's going to be a bit more work this way, but I think it will be better in the long run.

As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope you'll continue to follow Chatoyant College at the new site!


Nice :)

Nice, thank you =)

Hmm, what will happen with our fairy gold from here? I think I have accumulated about 1386 points...


PS: you should add the vote button also on Wordpress and whatpad...

I'm not sure...

You could always request lots more bonus stories! I was thinking of letting people trade fairy gold for Patreon support, but I don't think Patreon has a way to give people free months.

Oh, good idea! Thank you! There's another problem with Wattpad--it doesn't seem to allow any HTML, so I've just put the vote link as a text link.

Good idea :)

Good idea... =)

No, I do not think that it has either...

You are welcome... =D

Welllll... *checks out points and costs* ...I still have 1387 fairy gold points and a bonus story is 150 points - so that would be 9 bonus stories and 37 points left - if I put up for the cameo part then I still have points for almost 6 stories - if I go for extra updates that would almost be 14... *sighs* ...what to do?


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