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Now on Wattpad!

You can read Book 12: Reemergence on Wattpad now!

It doesn't look very nice yet, but I'm having a cover made.

I'm going to have to come up with titles and descriptions for most of the books as I put them up on Wattpad... that's always my least favorite part...


Don't be fooled into creating an account

You don't need to create a Wattpad account to read the story. When you get to the end of the story, there is a sign in box and fuzzed/greyed out text below the sign in box. This isn't a continuation of the story. It is a trick on Wattpad's part to make you sign up for an account by making you there there is more story to read that you have to have an account to see.

Good tip!

Thanks for sharing that.


Thank you for the info... =D

Ah, well, I like that what-pad even less now... =S

- I do not see any tags and POV mentioning is only out of context.
- one can not copy paste anything (it prohibits the copying)
- it acts up while typing your comment - like only displaying one line and no post button and no cursor
- leaving half of the page white without any text
- comments can be deleted but not changed...

...I am sure I will find more stuff later on...




That is frustrating--I had noticed and been disappointed by the lack of individual tags.

I wonder if some of it could be your browser? I don't have the comment problem you described, or the blank white page.

I'll have to see whether there's a workaround for the copy/paste problem. That's pretty ridiculous--Wattpad shouldn't be stopping people from copying my content!

That does not...

... look good for Wattpad: Deceptive UI design (fuzzed/greyed out text below the sign in box), blanket ban on copying text (the text is all there in the page source, so what the hell?!), comment box not resizable, atrocious navigation (when I click on a book, just take me to it, don't give me a bloody pop-up with more details...), doesn't have a way to show all comments by default. The list goes on... :-(

But hey, if it works for you, Clare, I'm willing to put up with their crap.

To be honest

I find it easy to use from a creator's perspective, especially since it emails me with comments, but while looking through stories posted there, I haven't found a single one worth reading past the first chapter--so I don't have a good sense of it from a reader's perspective. If it's giving my readers so much trouble, I can't be entirely happy with it!

I think I'm getting new readers with Wattpad, but I can't tell for sure whether they're new, since none of them have commented.

I do appreciate the feedback. Maybe it would work out better to have the first 11 books as free downloads and post book 12 on my Wordpress site.


Well, I do like wordpress because of the subscription feature and I do follow some stories there.

Well, I will give whatpad another chance and see how it will behave...

...if it is easy for you to update there, then that is a bonus.


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