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Moving On Chatoyant College

Hi everyone, here's an update on the situation re: moving the story to a different site.

I've decided to go with Wattpad. It's easy enough to post to and I think I'll get some new readers that way. My research indicates that it would cost money to directly transfer the posts from here to Wordpress or another site, and it doesn't seem worth it to me.

Book 11 is complete, so I will be taking my usual hiatus of a few weeks between books while I plan Book 12 and get things set up.

I've started posting Book 1 at Wattpad. My plan going forward is to post "new" chapters of Book 1 five days a week until it is complete, then continue with posting Book 2 five days a week, etc. At the same time, I will begin posting Book 12 on the same schedule I've had for a few years--Mondays and Thursdays. (It's possible that I will slow down to once a week, but I don't think that will have to happen.) I will have a nice big disclaimer on Book 12 so that people who haven't read the previous 11 books won't get confused!

My Patreon will stay the same, posting short stories once a month, or more often if patrons increase--and Chatoyant College chapters will increase if I reach those funding goals, they'll just be posted on Wattpad.

Let me know what you think of my plan, or if anyone is confused :) I will definitely post here to let all of you know when Book 12 begins on Wattpad (probably for the first few chapters), as well as with warnings when I know more about when this website will go away.

Thanks so much for reading and supporting me for all these years!


Thank you

Thank you, Clare. Sounds like a good plan. :)

*looking forward to the next chapter*


Thank you!

I saw you signed up to follow me--I really appreciate it! :)

You are welcome

You are welcome :)

Seems like I created an account there last year... 8-O

...but never did really get into it...

(I do not even know anymore why I was there...)


Doesn't this mean that

Doesn't this mean that wattpad will only be up to current date in or so years?

Isn't this a bit too hard for new readers when this site will go down, as while old readers can simply read book 12+, anyone beginning after this site will go down won't be able to catch up?


It will take a while, but I haven't been able to come up with a better way to do it.

They'll catch up--it will just take a long time. I'm posting at Wattpad much more frequently than the books ever updated originally.

Is book 11 finished?

Is book 11 (posted here) finished, since book 12 is in progress over at Wattpad?

It is

Like I said in the blog post, book 11 is complete! :)

Cool, thanks

Apparently I didn't read the post properly :P

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