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Hi guys--if anyone is still reading this!

Wattpad was worth trying, and I think I have a few new readers from there, but I'm not satisfied with it. It doesn't show the date anything was posted, it doesn't have tags for individual chapters, and there doesn't seem to be a way to include a blog post or anything else that isn't part of the story.

I also appreciate you commenting here to tell me what you didn't like about Wattpad; it made me look at it more critically and not ignore what I didn't like, thinking it was working for my readers!

Now on Wattpad!

You can read Book 12: Reemergence on Wattpad now!

It doesn't look very nice yet, but I'm having a cover made.

I'm going to have to come up with titles and descriptions for most of the books as I put them up on Wattpad... that's always my least favorite part...

Moving On Chatoyant College

Hi everyone, here's an update on the situation re: moving the story to a different site.

I've decided to go with Wattpad. It's easy enough to post to and I think I'll get some new readers that way. My research indicates that it would cost money to directly transfer the posts from here to Wordpress or another site, and it doesn't seem worth it to me.

Book 11 is complete, so I will be taking my usual hiatus of a few weeks between books while I plan Book 12 and get things set up.

Chapter 110: Separate Ways

Edie wanted to ask for the three of them to be updated on what the magic professors decided about keeping the students safe, but decided that might be asking too much. They hurried out of the room, leaving the two faeries behind them. The professors probably had to discuss things that they didn’t want the students to overhear.

“Wow,” said Corrie, once they were heading down the stairs. “I thought we were going to be in more trouble than that.”

“I think Professor Lal knows you can’t stop us from doing stuff,” Dawn said. “Either that, or she’s saving our punishment for later.”

Chapter 109: Options

Professor Lal nodded, not appearing to be upset or surprised—though Edie wondered what she would see if she touched a four-leaf clover right now. “I thought not,” Professor Lal said. “Perhaps later, when we are not within earshot of students, I will ask you to explain your reasons.”

“I have explained my reasons,” Professor Strega said. “All you would tell me is that it was not possible. Evidently, you were wrong.”

“Evidently,” said Professor Lal. “You realize, I am certain, that you are putting us in a difficult position.”

Chapter 108: The Plans

Professor Lal didn’t seem to know the answer to Professor Strega’s question. She shook her head and did not speak.

Edie took a deep breath. “I think Elrath is the only one who might know. We originally talked to him because we were looking for information about the treaty, and Tom said that Elrath was the only faerie he knew of who might have been around back then.” She suspected that Professor Lal already knew, or had guessed, that they had been looking for information about the treaty for Professor Strega.

Chapter 107: The Kingship

Professor Strega jumped to her feet. “You knew of this all the time, did you not? And yet made attempts to interfere with my life?”

“No, I did not know,” Professor Lal said, frowning. “I did not know of Elrath’s part of the story. And I believe I am still missing a piece. Why don’t we all go upstairs, where we can sit and converse more comfortably?”

Edie wasn’t sure she wanted to do that. In fact, she was pretty sure she would prefer to leave Professor Lal and Professor Strega alone to work this out. But it didn’t look like the professors were going to give them a choice.

Chapter 106: The Mysteries

Edie saw that the sun was noticeably lower, but hadn’t set, when they left Elrath’s dorm building. Professor Strega would still be in the magic building, presumably. Without discussing it, all three lengthened their strides.

“Should I stay out here?” Corrie asked as they approached the magic building.

Chapter 105: Trades

Elrath scowled at her. “Watch what you say, little half-breed.”

He clearly meant to insult Edie, but she ignored it. “Part of the treaty is that faeries are not supposed to harm humans. Isn’t that right?”

He shrugged. “I suppose.”

Chapter 104: The Puzzle

The puzzle pieces started clicking together in Edie’s mind. She felt as though she knew she’d been missing a piece of information all along, and this was it. Of course, she’d known that she didn’t have all the facts, but this one seemed to be the center of it all—everything had been arranged correctly, but only now could they be connected.

“You’re his heir, aren’t you?” she said. “That’s why you wanted to know about Mourith. She was older—or you thought she was older—so she would be his heir if she was alive.”

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