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...And on Wordpress

Hi guys--if anyone is still reading this!

Wattpad was worth trying, and I think I have a few new readers from there, but I'm not satisfied with it. It doesn't show the date anything was posted, it doesn't have tags for individual chapters, and there doesn't seem to be a way to include a blog post or anything else that isn't part of the story.

I also appreciate you commenting here to tell me what you didn't like about Wattpad; it made me look at it more critically and not ignore what I didn't like, thinking it was working for my readers!

Now on Wattpad!

You can read Book 12: Reemergence on Wattpad now!

It doesn't look very nice yet, but I'm having a cover made.

I'm going to have to come up with titles and descriptions for most of the books as I put them up on Wattpad... that's always my least favorite part...

Moving On Chatoyant College

Hi everyone, here's an update on the situation re: moving the story to a different site.

I've decided to go with Wattpad. It's easy enough to post to and I think I'll get some new readers that way. My research indicates that it would cost money to directly transfer the posts from here to Wordpress or another site, and it doesn't seem worth it to me.

Book 11 is complete, so I will be taking my usual hiatus of a few weeks between books while I plan Book 12 and get things set up.

Chatoyant College is not ending--but this website is

Hi readers!

Well, we've been with this website for a good long while (nearly eight years!), so I'm sorry to have to inform you that I will no longer be able to get hosting from Digital Novelists soon. I have no intention of ending Chatoyant College, but it is going to have to move off this website.

July Patreon story

The new story is available here! It's another story of Maggie and Hugh, the same characters from last month's story, but this one has more of a family focus.

If you pledge just $1 a month, you can read all the stories I post at Patreon!

July Patreon prompt post

The prompt post is up here! It's open to anyone to prompt--so please feel free to head over there and leave a prompt (or leave one in the comments here)!

This month's theme is "pumpkins and alternative living places."

If you pledge just $1 a month, you'll get to read the exclusive short story that I will post for Patreon supporters. If you pledge $3 a month, you'll get access to a monthly epub file including all the posted Chatoyant College chapters from the previous month as well as the Patreon story.

No chapter this Monday

I will be away over the holiday weekend, so there will be no Chatoyant College chapter this Monday, July 4.

Happy Independence Day to my fellow US folks!

Patron prompt post

June's prompt post is up! This month's theme is villains, and anyone can prompt.

Patreon theme poll

The theme poll for June is available for those pledging $5 per month or more to my Patreon!

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